Internet acquiring in plain language

How it works. Which to choose. What the system is for online shops. We’re discussing the subject of internet acquiring “in plain language”. Acquiring is a derivative of the English verb “to acquire” and means “acquisition”. Its essence is the non-cash payment – someone pays with a plastic card through a terminal and doesn’t withdraw […]

What is important in choosing payment processing

If you are a merchant who still isn’t selling online, then now is the time to start. And we mean right now. More and more business owners are examining the possibilities of the virtual world. And for many, selling online is even easier than in the real world. Big money in e-commerce The following figures […]

Advice to sellers: how to protect yourself against chargebacks

What is important to know if you do not want to deal with a chargeback. Chargebacks are one of the more unpleasant things that can come up in interactions between merchant and client. When it comes to chargebacks, experts usually speak from the viewpoint of protecting the client’s interests. A buyer is dissatisfied with something […]

DMS and SMS transactions: which option suits you best

Today, when it comes to different types of payment algorithms, specialists generally mention two immediately: SMS (single message system) and DMS (dual message system). Briefly, in the case of SMS transactions the servicing bank and the emitting bank send each other authorization messages at the moment of financial transaction. Based on these messages, the transaction […]

What to sell online: free e-commerce niches in 2019

Technically, creating an online business is easy. You can build a full-fledged online store within a day or two, or even in a few hours. But! The idea is important. You have to understand how it can be implemented and, ideally, how to occupy your own niche. Bilderlings gives several examples of creating a successful […]

How to open your own online store in 20 minutes or less

You’ve decided to start an online business, but haven’t figured out yet what would be the best way to launch it in the virtual space? Of course, you need to start with your website and by opening a payment page. Bilderlings offers a payment page where the most popular CMS are integrated. You can open […]

E-commerce: how to enter unfamiliar markets?

Bilderlings Pay on what needs to be taken into account when scaling and localizing your business. It seems likely that since the fall of the Tower of Babel there has not been a single day that could be called ideal in terms of communication. Linguistic, technical, legislative and other barriers are undoubtedly less noticeable when […]

Outpayments to cards: versatility and speed

In discussing the possibility of using bank payment cards online with the help of a processing company, we touched on a service that is offered where outpayments can be made directly to bank settlement cards. This easy-to-use tool provides several key advantages. First of all, this is speed, in addition to the ease and, of […]

Everything you need to know about processing when launching your business online

So far, we’ve given only a brief definition of processing. However, this is a fairly complex and specialized area of ​​activity in the world of finance. That’s why today Bilderlings Pay is providing a more detailed overview on the topic. ”Processing” is an activity associated with the processing of information necessary for the execution of […]

Multi-currency account in Bilderlings
Individual IBAN, 19 currencies, SEPA / SEPA Instant / SWIFT payments, attractive exchange rates, remote account opening in just one business day.

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