Cashback for Business

We know the cost of running a business is very high.
Start saving money and earn 0.8% Cashback on eligible card purchases!

Turn Business Expenses into Earnings

Running a business comes with high costs, and Bilderlings aims to help reduce these expenses through the Cashback program

Questions & Answers

We’ll reward you with 0.1% Cashback on transactions you make with your business card up to 4999,99 EUR monthly and 0,8% cashback on transactions you make with your business card more than 5000,00 EUR, usually on the first business day of each month. You’ll receive the Cashback in your Bilderlings account linked to the card. We’ll give you your Cashback in the currency your card is issued.

Transactions that executed during the month will be included in the payout in the following month. Example:
• You spent 100 EUR with your Bilderlings Business card on 27 March
• The transaction gets executed on 31 March
• You’ll receive 0,10 EUR Cashback on 1 April (if it’s a business day)

Here’s another example:
• You spent 100 EUR with your Bilderlings Business card on 27 March
• The transaction gets executed on 1 April
• You’ll receive your 0,10 EUR Cashback on 1 May instead of 1 April

Note that the day you spend with your card isn’t necessarily the day of transaction execution. The transaction execution date depends on your merchant.

You’ll see details of your Cashback amount in your account linked to the card once it’s paid.

Currently Cashback is available to all Bilderlings business card customers.

You can get Cashback on all transactions with your card(s), except:

• Securities – Brokers/Dealers; 
• Quasi cash; 
• Gambling and internet gambling
• Video games;
• Payments (money send funding and money send intercountry);
• Licensed Horse/dog racing; 
• Payments to non-finance organizations (securities); 
• Payment transactions, funding transactions; 
• Pawn shops; 
• Manual cash disbursement and cash withdrawal in ATM; 
• Merchandise and services (financial institutions); 
• Payments connected to securities, cryptoassets, investments;

Classification of purchases depends on the merchant category codes.

Yes, you can earn Cashback on transactions made by all Business cards tagged to your company’s Bilderlings account.

You can earn 0.1% Cashback for transaction up to 4999.99 eur monthly and 0.8% of your card’s transactions more than 5000.00 EUR monthly on eligible transactions.
The minimum amount of Cashback we can pay out is 0.01 EUR. If you make a transaction of less than 10 EUR, Cashback won’t be paid for this.

Offering Cashback allows us to distribute a portion of our profits to you. However, it’s crucial that we ensure this process remains sustainable for both your benefit and the health of our business. Consequently, there may be changes to the Cashback rate in the future to maintain this balance.

  • Cashback is paid in the card currencies of your eligible transactions.
    To illustrate:
    • If you’ve made transactions by card issued in GBP currency you will get the Cashback in GBP
    • If you’ve made transactions by card issued in EUR currency you will get the Cashback in EUR
    • If you’ve made transactions by card issued in USD currency you will get the Cashback in USD

We’ll default the Cashback currency to the billing currency of your card — this is based on which currency your card was issued.

This could happen for many reasons:
• Your transaction types may not be eligible for Cashback (see list of eligible transactions above)
• Your transaction isn’t executed by your merchant yet; you can double-check the status in your account, or with your merchant.
• Your transaction may have been executed by your merchant in the next month — so it’s not calculated for Cashback yet. In this case, it’ll be paid out in the following month.
• Your card or account has been cancelled before the Cashback is paid out. We don’t pay Cashback in this scenario, even if Cashback has been accrued before the cancellation date.
• Your transactions have been refunded or reversed

Managing business debit cards involves costs, from onboarding to production. We balance these against our revenue to offer Cashback rates of 0.1% for small and 0.8% for larger transactions, aiming to share profits and lower costs for greater benefits. 

You’re automatically enrolled in it by using your Bilderlings Business card.  If you’d like to opt out of receiving Cashback, please get in touch with your manager. 

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