About Bilderlings


Simplifying banking

To develop ecosystem partnerships with banks and the Fintech industry to provide accessible financial products and tools, to service our clients financial needs in one place


Making care more personalized

To provide a streamlined experience for our customers, including effortless onboarding, verification, transactions, complete solutions, and personalised relationship curation


Developing sustainably

We are building a sustainable, profitable business that our clients can prize through good and turbulent times.

Independent, fast-growing company

Direct member of SWIFT, SEPA Instant, Mastercard

Actively implementing AI in services and processes

Headquartered in London

UK EMI licensed by the FCA in 2016

100+ employees in two capitals

What Makes us

🌁 Starting small

We are big believers in starting small. Since Bilderlings launched, we have kept planting the seeds of success for many start-ups and small business owners.

Our platform now connects more than 100,000 users effortlessly across the world.

🔬 An expert eye

All of the products on our website have been built by our own financial experts and IT technicians, combining years of understanding the financial needs and interests of our clients, and potential clients in the UK and Europe.

Bilderlings views it as looking through new eyes at clients’ financial needs, constantly innovating, and acting to grow and preserve their business and well–being.

🫂 Sustainably digital

Bilderlings has designed a Fintech platform with humans at the forefront of our minds. Our aim is to save effort, time and money, both now and in the future.

Whether it’s a low cost cross-border payment, e-commerce solution, or AI-powered tool, we work to help the global economy connect, reduce costs, grow faster, and thrive.
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