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With Apple Pay / Google Pay enabled debit cards, get guaranteed cashback, unprecedented convenience and unique offers from the world's best brands

Spend and get cashback in euros

If you spend on the card for a month, you will receive 0,1 %. Spend 1k and multiply your cashback 10 times!

We also give cashback when you use Apple Pay / Google Pay.

Save money with great discounts

Up to 20 % off from the world’s best brand such as Rentalcars, Booking, AVIS, Disneyland and more

Promotions are stackable! For these purchases we also give cashback 🤩

For us, everyone is equal

Bilderlings delivers cards quickly nearly everywhere.

Or you can get a virtual card instantly (and yes, cashback works with it too).

* Please see the Questions&Answers section for exceptions.

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Questions & Answers

No, all payment cards (physical and virtual) issued to individuals participate in this campaign. As soon as you make the first purchase with your card, the cashback will be automatically calculated. Once this campaign is terminated, the cashback will not be calculated.

Cashback is calculated for all purchases with your physical and virtual card except for the transactions related to merchants operating by the following industries: Securities – Brokers/Dealers; Quasi cash; gambling; video games; card payments (money send funding and money send intercountry); money transfer; internet gambling; licensed Horse/dog racing; non-finance organizations (securities); payment transactions; POI funding transactions;  pawn shops; manual cash disbursement; cash in ATM; merchandise and services (financial institutions); securities; not classified categories. Classification of purchases depends on the merchant category codes.

Yes. The transaction amount is then converted into card currency at the bank’s exchange rate set on the date when the amount was debited from the account.

No, cashback is not calculated for cash withdrawals, transfers, as well as for some other types of card transactions. Please see the second answer for more details.

There are no limits for receiving the cashback. The more you spend, the more you get back.

It depends whether your cards are linked to the same account or they are different ones. Cashback is calculated for each account and all cards linked to it. E.g. you have one account and two cards linked to it – then all purchases made with both cards will be summed up and the cashback will be paid out to this account. But if you have 2 accounts and 2 cards – each linked to a separate account then the purchase amounts of different cards will not be summed up.

There might be several reasons:

– For some purchases made in the current month, the transaction has not yet been executed. Cashback for such transactions will be credited next month.

– One or more transactions involved a return of goods.

– The transaction was included in the list of exceptions.

– The transaction is refunded or reversed.

  • The account is closed or blocked.

If all the cashback conditions were met, but the cashback has not been paid, please contact your account manager.

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