Instagram influencers: how to boost online business profits

In this new article on the Bilderlings blog we discuss tools and trends in the world of social networks, as well as the impact of bloggers on e-commerce marketing. To what extent can you increase conversions in your store by using social networks as trading platforms? According to e-commerce experts, you can increase the target […]

The Bitcoin gold rush. What the Bitcoin evangelist says about it

A lot of things are being said about Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has been called the money of the future – and just another “bubble” as well. What is the essence of this phenomenon? What sets it apart from the other cryptocurrencies? Why are various governments less than fond of Bitcoin? Tone Vays – trader, cryptocurrency […]

Crypto enthusiasm: to be or not to be?

In the course of the next five years, demand for payments in cryptocurrencies will become large-scale. Crypto wallets will be tied to card accounts, and wages will be calculated and paid in cryptocurrency as well. This optimistic forecast was given to Bilderlings by Konstantin Vasilenko – co-founder of the Latvian Blockchain Association – during the […]

Gram: a cryptocurrency set to change the financial world

In just a few months, Gram will become a publicly available cryptocurrency. This will be an extremely important event. Here Bilderlings explains why. The crypto economy of cryptocurrencies has already obtained real value in the real world. Virtual currencies are already starting to push the dollar and the euro – whose  position is becoming ever […]

Digital Dragon: Chinese High Tech Experience

China sees itself as occupying a leading position in the world of e-commerce. This was a primary message at the Latvia-Ningbo Economic and Trade Cooperation Symposium that took place in Riga at the end of April. With more than seven thousand years of history, the city of Ningbo is one of the centers of industrial […]

Fashion Coin – the new world cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is so last year! Global market needs cryptocurrency pegged to real economy and customers among millennials and generation Z – and this is exactly what Fashion Coin is. This is the opinion of Kazbek Bektursunov – co-founder of Kiev Fashion Days show and fashion conglomerate LMG Group – who has visited Riga Fashion Week. […]

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