You’ve decided to start an online business, but haven’t figured out yet what would be the best way to launch it in the virtual space? Of course, you need to start with your website and by opening a payment page. Bilderlings offers a payment page where the most popular CMS are integrated. You can open your online store in just 20 minutes – and get the Bilderlings payment page connected. Bilderlings, together with website builder Mozello, helps users establish their business: create a store, promote it online and offer customers the most convenient payment methods.

It is very easy to open an online store with automated 24/7 sales with the help of the Mozello online website builder, and it takes very little time. It’s a convenient and easy option for beginner entrepreneurs – for example, small businesses. Online payment acceptance in the store is provided by Bilderlings’ integrated fintech platform. 

Develop your business without intermediaries

Bilderlings’ offers and services are tailored to different companies’ needs, large and small. It doesn’t matter whether you are just discovering the world of e-commerce for yourself or you already feel comfortable in this world. Bilderlings is ready to offer an individualized solution.

Those just starting to build their business, and yet to develop their own web page, should try the Mozello website builder system, which successfully integrates the Bilderlings platform.

Mozello – Let’s explore this resource in more detail. It helps create stores for independent trade, without intermediaries.

In fact, today anyone can create a website in 20 minutes at any number of online platforms. However, there is a catch. Typically, the requirements for online stores are more extensive than for online business cards and blogs. In turn, the main advantages of Mozello are customizable product delivery options, powerful marketing and SEO functions for promoting your products, for example, on social networks.

This resource can be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices and has multilingual settings. It features a convenient shopping basket, as well as the possibility of payment through various systems – from PayPal to Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards. With that, the built-in payment system Bilderlings allows for acceptance of payments from customers directly on the website of your online store.

 We build a store quickly and promote it instantly

Most Mozello customers aren’t planning to do a lot of coding work or order programs for their website. With the help of a powerful – and easy to master – visual builder, they can quickly create and launch their own effective online store.

You can create a website very quickly on this platform, and at the same time have modern and attractive web design. You edit the layout, and depending on the chosen template, between 2 and 10 page layout options will be available. You can correct and improve the layout yourself, for example, by adding and modifying product description blocks.

It is important that an entrepreneur in the process of mastering the world of e-commerce can move ahead without needing to be a software developer, without worrying about hosting and scripts; the entrepreneur should be free to fully devote himself to filling the website with quality content and with the design of his online store.

To sell comfortably and buy easily

It’s easy to promote a Mozello trading platform on social media; and the domain name is inserted into all the major search engines automatically at the moment of the website’s creation. The control panel for the online store’s web administrator has a section with a number of tools. For example, you can instantly, “manually” upload new products – even those which are still going through the process of registering at the warehouse.

The payment solutions are diverse as well. For example, a classic PayPal system, or SWIFT-oriented card systems are offered to customers of the store. But more modern payment services, such as the Bilderlings system, already embedded into the Mozello site builder, take an even more important place. It is important to point out that if you create an online store on this virtual platform, it will be attractive to prospective buyers owing to the variety of payment instruments. And when it is convenient for a customer to pay for the goods, and there are a variety of options, the store increases sales and its conversion is improved.

All you need to do is go to the Mozello portal, choose the most convenient option for your business, create your own trading website with a unique design and the Bilderlings “button” – the payment service integrated directly to the online store. And then, as they say, happy selling.

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