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Sustainability At Bilderlings

As a fintech company, we blend technology and innovation into daily financial life. However, finance is not the only aspect we need to consider. The environment, society, and a healthy space around us are the pillars of a happy future. Everything we do is aimed at integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business.
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Thinking About Climate Change

Bilderlings is partnering with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalitionᵀᴹ in a mission to fight climate change by restoring trees worldwide.

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Social Impact

We support healthcare clowning organizations that use play, humor, and improvisation to help young patients cope with stress and recover more quickly.

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Inclusivity and Transparency

We’re all about making finance friendly and open to everyone, no matter where you’re from. Transparency is key in our operations; hence, we ensure there are no hidden fees.  We’re always on the lookout for new ways to help every single customer. Our goal? To make the world of finance a more inclusive and easy-to-navigate place for everybody.

Human Rights and People

Our business ethics center on a workplace committed to human rights and non-discrimination. We value diversity in all forms, knowing it fosters richer discussions, innovative solutions, and deeper understanding. Our unwavering dedication to inclusivity is key to our long-term success and sustainability.

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What We Do To Reduce Our Footprint


Eco-friendly banking

100% online account opening  – no paper documents, no office visits


Electronic Document Management and Cloud Storage

We aim to minimize the use of paper and printed documents at Bilderlings and outside


Virtual cards

Using virtual cards instead of physical ones helps lessen environmental harm

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Other Activities

We sort and recycle waste in our offices

Our employees benefit from flexible working-from-home

Donate or refurbish any redundant electronic equipment when it reaches its end-of-life

We encourage sport activities and nature-friendly transport

Supporting animal rescue centers and assisting orphanages and care homes for the elderly

Our Plans

ESG Products

Understanding our responsibility and influence, we are planning to launch a project that enables our customers to monitor and manage their CO2 emissions.

Reports and Analysis

We plan to conduct regular audits and reports on the company’s carbon footprint, with the aim of analyzing and minimizing our environmental impact.


Focusing on sustainability in fintech companies is key: it’s about being transparent in how we work and invest, We’re also committed to diversity and inclusivity, ensuring everyone is treated fairly and without discrimination. This way, we help the planet and create a welcoming environment for everyone

Bilderlings is committed to playing its part in addressing climate change. To make a real impact, we’re focusing on several essential strategies:

  • Energy Efficiency: We’re taking steps to cut down on energy use. This means bringing in appliances that use less power.
  • Remote Work and Virtual Meetings: We’re rethinking how we travel for business. Instead of hopping on a plane or in a car for every meeting, we’re embracing video conferencing and other remote communication tools. Plus, we’re encouraging our teams to work from home when it’s feasible, reducing the need for daily commutes.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: We’re putting policies in place to produce less trash and recycle more. This includes using less paper, promoting digital options over physical ones, and recycling in our offices.
  • Green Office Practices: We’re transforming our offices into eco-friendly spaces. This involves aiming to use materials that are kinder to the planet, being mindful about how we use resources like water, and fostering a workplace culture that values and practices sustainability.

We support social responsibility and community involvement through various initiatives, including charitable partnerships and backing volunteer efforts by our employees.


We adheres to strict governance practices, including transparent reporting, ethical management policies, and regular audits to ensure accountability and integrity in all our operations.

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Our Future is Our Responsibility —
Act Sustainably!

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