Bilderlings for fintech

Virtual IBAN, diverse account types, including safeguarding, quick onboarding in a week, and BIN-sponsorship with White Label Mastercard options

Safeguarding accounts

Keep your funds in a separate account with a licensed EU bank

White Label Mastercard

Tailor-made White Label solution for branded turnkey Mastercard


Get an issuance of payment cards (physical or virtual) under your own brand without the extra costs and complexities associated with independent issuance.


We will share our BIN and assist you to set up a payment card system.


Tools that help pump up your business

🤖 Automate with API

Connect your account to various systems and automate the execution of transfers

🔐 Advanced security

Easily confirm payments with the Bilderlings app. Our AI-empowered security systems and 3-D Secure are there to keep you safe.

🫰 Bulk Payments

Save tens and hundreds of hours in Bulk Payments. Just upload your list and make hundreds of payments in one go — as easy as a finger snap.

🚀 SEPA, SEPA Instant

Make fast money transfers with SEPA and immediate payments with SEPA Instant.

👨‍💻 Powerful IT team

Flexible In-house development of IT solutions

🕵🏻‍♂️ Annual Financial and AML Audits

Bilderlings is compliant with all requirements performing annual financial and safeguarding audits and regular AML audits

How to take advantage of all these benefits?

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Collection of documents


Account acceptance and activation


Technical integration

Plenty of companies are already with us

Virtual IBANs

Without unnecessary bureaucracy

Reasonable, transparent fees

World-class security

Experienced, multi-lingual team

Cutting-edge technologies empowered by AI

Questions & Answers

  1. Collection of documents. The first stage of onboarding includes the collection of all necessary documentation about the client. Registration of Financial Institutions is a complex process, so we should obtain data on the client’s corporate experience, investors, key personnel, AML policies, KYC and risks, internal maintenance and technologies. During the review, we will decide if the client is in the target client`s range, and therefore we will move the application to the review and decision stage. Our mutual risk appetites must match and therefore it is important that the client comply with Bilderlings Risk Appetite. 
  2. Verification and decision. After submitting the required documentation, our AML team will conduct due diligence on the application. The Compliance Team will conduct an additional review of the applicant’s performance in relation to Bilderlings Risk Appetite and will also verify that the applicant complies with the Bilderlings Compliance Requirements. At this point, we may need additional documentation and therefore a follow-up conversation may be required. The analysis and decision process can sometimes be quite lengthy due to the amount of documentation and details, but don’t worry, we will keep you posted on the progress of your application.
  3. Account acceptance and activation. After a positive decision we will grant you access to the Bilderlings Personal Panel and the basic functionality of the services will be made available.
  4. Personal manager. In case of acceptance and opening of an account, the client will have access to a personal manager who will accompany him throughout the entire process of our cooperation.
  5. Technical integration. The main interface for transaction processing is our API. Once the account is activated, the client can start building the technical integration. As standard, all of our customers receive access to a Personal Panel where you can manage your payments, download statements and set authorisation limits. 

For the FI usually it takes up to one week.

It is a special procedure prescribed by the UK financial regulator (FCA) to protect client funds. Safeguarding means that no client money is kept in Bilderlings. Instead, it is kept in our partner banks in Europe and Great Britain. These accounts are separate from other accounts and are completely untouchable.

Financial Institutions from the EU, UK, Hong Kong, Canada with licenses in these countries.

PSD2 is a European regulation for electronic payment services. It seeks to make payments more secure in Europe, boost innovation and help banking services adapt to new technologies. PSD2 is evidence of the increasing importance Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are acquiring in different financial sectors.

EUR at this stage. New currencies are coming soon

The Difference between Authorised Payment Institutions (APIs) and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) is that E-Money Institutions, in addition to the list of Payment Services that an API may conduct, can also issue electronic money. The definitions of these institutions are developed under different directives

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