Freelancer account: what you need to know

Where it’s easiest for a “free agent” to find himself and what’s the most convenient way for his employer to pay him. In Europe, the freelance services market, including the Russian-speaking segment, is rapidly developing. Every day, more and more people are getting involved – both those who are offering their services and the individuals […]

Marketplaces will change the way you shop

In the past, people only bought physical goods online, but now users engage in financial transactions even with governmental and international entities. And most often, these operations are performed not from a PC at home or in the office, but through mobile applications, which are becoming increasingly safe.   Customers go online without fear In […]

How the sharing economy concept works

The sharing economy – or “economy of shared usage” or “shared consumption” – is transforming the whole system of economic relations in society. How is this? Bilderlings sets out to grasp the essence of the sharing economy phenomenon. The sharing economy is what used to simply be called “mutual assistance” and now has become a […]

Startup: the right way to raise capital

According to the forecasts of the World Bank, crowdfunding investments will amount to 93 billion dollars globally by 2025. Crowdfunding platforms are one place where it can be  especially efficient to raise capital — to find people willing to invest in your projects. Good music brings money Crowdfunding is a form of collective financing. Crowdfunding […]

Gambling goes online: shaping a gamer experience

The online casino market is one of the hardest to touch in terms of capital growth. Global gambling revenues (the gaming industry, for example, online casinos) are expected to reach $525 billion by 2023. For comparison, in 2014 the figure was $450 billion. An increase of $75 billion represents some serious growth. Bilderlings explored how […]

SWIFT & SEPA: what is the difference

Currently, the most widespread systems of international payment in the world are SEPA and SWIFT. The main difference between the two is the following: SEPA (or Single Euro Payment Area) provides payments in Euros with no restriction on the amount and within the Eurozone, where the recipient’s account number is required to be in the […]

The most common mistakes when making a payment

It’s always a good idea to keep focused when making a payment because, after all, it’s your money. The volume of money transferred through the various internet systems is constantly increasing, but the number of errors that occur during these operations isn’t decreasing, in spite of all the warnings. Bilderlings has compiled a list of […]

Artificial Intelligence: your guide to smart retail

Since childhood, we have lived with the idea that the human brain can’t be matched. So we haven’t noticed that a serious competitor, that is AI, or artificial intelligence, arrived. Today, when we browse the internet to buy exactly what we need, or to sell our goods, it is no longer possible to imagine that […]

Generation Z: buyers of the future

Generation Z is also known as the “digital generation”. Its youngest members are still in schools. Those at the other end of the spectrum have received their university degrees and are already “embedded” in the world of business. Bilderlings has explored the peculiarities of this digital generation, since it is now the largest segment and […]

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