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Future plans
  • 01/12/2015
    BilderPay acquiring services
  • 15/09/2016
    FCA permission to issue electronic money (e-money) and provide payment services
  • 02/01/2017
    Open API
  • 03/12/2018
    SEPA membership
  • 10/01/2019
    Automatisation of online onboarding
  • 30/09/2019
    Mass payments
  • 09/10/2019
    Payment gateway is opened, Multi-channel acquirers network is launched
  • 10/03/2020
    Mastercard Bilderlings
  • 25/03/2020
    Online currency exchange
  • 01/07/2020
    Free payments among Bilderlings accounts
  • 21/09/2020
    Bilderlings mobile app
  • 30/09/2020
    Multi-user account with different roles
  • 10/02/2021
    SEPA Instant
  • 25/02/2021
    Upgraded version of online onboarding
  • 15/05/2021
    Bilderlings Deposit
  • 04/01/2022
    Virtual cards
  • 04/01/2022
    Currency exchange 24/7
June 13, 2022
03/05/2022 – Bilderlings becomes a SWIFT member 
Bilderlings has become a full member of the SWIFT system along with the largest banks in the world. Direct integration with the SWIFT system will simplify the work with international payments for customers.
January 04, 2022
Currency exchange 24/7
04/01/2022 – Currency exchange 24/7
No matter where you are and what time is – you can now easily convert money all day long 365 days a year!
December 20, 2021
Virtual cards
04/01/2022 – Virtual cards
You asked for it – we made it! Out virtual cards are now available! Get one and start spending immediately! No need to wait for a physical card.
Max Zhilnikov:
«Our company after the expansion was released on the international market and we needed a reliable financial technological platform. Bilderlings was recommended by a partner company. Among the advantages, I will highlight the possibility of transferring to more than 150 countries around the world. High transaction speed. We have a personal Manager assigned to us. Recommend.»Expand
«Excellent service. Fast payment execution. I’m really happy to do business with you! Thanks to your support team. Recommend!»Expand
«Great service. Responsive support.»
«Very happy with the service. Only reason for not giving 5-star is that the web-interface and query options can be improved.»
«Excellent service. Support work is great and intelligible.»
Alex Giver:
«I ordered a Bilderlings card a few months ago! And I absolutely love it! Design is fantastic, I like its transparency. I have used the card abroad, and it works, reasonable conversion rates.»Expand
«You’re wonderful team very fast and reliable. Thanks»
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