Connecting to a processing service in seven steps

Today, accepting payments online via settlement cards is already a daily necessity for owners of online shops and other online companies. Indeed, online commerce continues to grow in popularity. ”One click purchases” are already an accepted norm among buyers online. In this article, Bilderlings Pay will outline the seven steps that are necessary to connect […]

Processing services: not a luxury, but a tool for earning

Intense competition in the retail sector inevitably encourages e-traders to use the full palette of modern payment solutions. Today it isn’t enough to find reliable suppliers of goods and to offer goods or services to the market. It’s essential to make the process of all mutual settlements as convenient and safe as possible, and ideally, […]

Cyber Security Expert Lars Hilse on Phishing, Attacks on Banks and Global Risks

‘Targeted hacker attacks are no more a trend; these are the reality of our time. I fell prey to phishers myself; in my case, I got reimbursed, but a well-known German bank lost 5000 dollars,’ says the German consultant Lars Hilse to Bilderlings Pay during the DSSITSEC conference that took place in Riga. Lars Hilse […]

TOP Reasons why Retailers Need Digital Wallets

Keeping a bank account is not an absolute must, if you have an opportunity to create an account in a payment system and start your own digital wallet for receiving payments for goods and services. In this article, Bilderlings Pay covers the five core advantages of innovative payment instruments for retailers. Customer experience transformation is […]

Virtual Privilege Cards: on the Verge of Artificial Intelligence

Aside from a broad spectre of processing solutions, Bilderlings Pay also develops specialised mobile applications to replace traditional privilege cards. We are able to develop a turnkey software product to deal with these tasks for businesses operating in any domain. Here is a more detailed description of the specific nature of this offer. Most of […]

Multi-currency account in Bilderlings
Individual IBAN, 19 currencies, SEPA / SEPA Instant / SWIFT payments, attractive exchange rates, remote account opening in just one business day.

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