Alternative banking

Alternative to banking services - a current account and acceptance of card payments on the site. Make things simpler, faster and more convenient.

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Free account for business owners

Open an account for the company and get an account for the beneficiary and employees for free!

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Running an online business?

Accept Mastercard and VISA payment cards on your website, in your personal cabinet or in an app.

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Business in the UK?

Open a British account with Bilderlings and make payments instantly.

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Current account for business

Current account for business

Full banking services for international and local businesses, as well as a separate account for business owners. Direct payments in GBP and EUR, an individual IBAN account and the best currency exchange rates. Online, without unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Mastercard Bilderlings Business Coming soon

Contactless payment card linked with the company's account. Hand it over to your employees to cover their travel and other company's expenses.

Mastercard Bilderlings Business
Acceptance of online payments

Acceptance of online payments

Accept Mastercard and VISA payment cards on your website, in your personal cabinet or in an app in 24+ currencies. Manage transactions with a convenient merchant interface.

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Our commitment to safety

Bilderlings does not use client money to issue loans or operate the company's business – we store money in our correspondent accounts with the central banks of the EU countries.


Bilderlings is supervised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and complies with the same security standards as traditional British banks.


Two-factor authentication and voice password for login into Bilderlings system. 3D Secure technology, 61 fraud monitoring filters and compliance with PCI DSS for client data processing.

news 1
Bilderlings offers a British current account for businesses and individuals. Now, customers have access to an individual IBAN number, direct payments in pound sterling within the FPS and CHAPS payment systems, and a personal manager, who will oversee all their queries.
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Online onboarding is now available for Bilderlings current account. Registration and document submission have become faster, easier and more convenient. Currently, this service is only available to individuals.
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Free account for beneficiaries: business owners, opening an account for their company, can set up a personal account free of charge. Additionally, account maintenance is available without extra costs.
Future plans
  • In the coming half year
    • Multi-user current account with different roles
    • Payment cards
    • Upgraded version of online onboarding
    • All new design of current account and merchant panel for greater convenience
  • In the coming year
    • Mobile applications for a current account
    • Multi-channel acquirers network
  • Launched recently
    • British account
    • Direct payments in GBP
    • Automatic currency exchange
    • Online onboarding
    • Payment templates
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