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news 9
Now transfers between Bilderlings accounts are absolutely free!
From July 1, our customers will be able to make internal transfers in Bilderlings system absolutely free. Moreover, due to the improvement of our transaction system, now our customers can make internal transfers instantly and round the clock.
news 8
Exchange money online and without any hidden commissions
Online currency exchange is now available for our clients. Convert 19 currencies in real-time at the best available rate provided by financial markets. Now you can use a new service for exchanging and holding funds in any available currency on your multi-currency account, make domestic and international payments.
news 7
Mastercard Bilderlings Business debit card for enterprises and Mastercard Bilderlings for individuals became available on 10 March, 2020.
Mastercard Bilderlings and Mastercard Bilderlings Business cards allow you to manage money at any time of the day or night, to quickly and easily pay for goods and services anywhere in the world, to deposit and withdraw cash and to make online purchases. This is speed, flexibility and freedom of payments.
Payment cards comply with the highest international security standards, are available in more than 150 countries and interact with all terminals and ATMs that work with the Mastercard payment system. This gives businesses the opportunity to pay for corporate expenses with a payment card.
To order the card, Bilderlings clients just need to select this option in their online account.
news 1
Within the first quarter of the year 2020, contactless payment cards will be available to Bilderlings customers – for you and your business. Learn more about Bilderlings Pay Mastercard and Bilderlings Pay Mastercard Business payment cards, pre-order, and pay worldwide without a commission for purchases.
news 2
Bilderlings has launched Open API service. Now the company can integrate any service with a current account and automate all business processes.
news 3
Bilderlings has launched the bulk payment service. Upload the CSV file to the personal web panel of your account and make bulk payments in just a couple of seconds.
news 4
Bot to the rescue! The world is becoming more mobile every day, and we are not lagging behind. Now you can manage your account via your phone using the Telegram bot.
news 5
Bilderlings offers a British current account for businesses and individuals. Now, customers have access to an individual IBAN number, direct payments in pound sterling within the FPS and CHAPS payment systems, and a personal manager, who will oversee all their queries.
news 6
Online onboarding is now available for Bilderlings current account. Registration and document submission have become faster, easier and more convenient. Currently, this service is only available to individuals.
Future plans
  • In the coming half year
    • Mobile App
    • Sepa Instant
    • Premium Metal Card
  • In the coming year
    • Asset Management and Family Office
    • Bilderlings Investments
    • Chatbot
  • Launched recently
    • Online currency exchange
    • Free payments among Bilderlings accounts
    • Payment cards
    • Multi-user current account with different roles
    • Upgraded version of online onboarding
    • Multi-channel acquirers network
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