Join a kind idea

Join a kind idea

We have launched a project that will help clown doctors – specialists in the field of hospital clowning. This is a joint initiative of Bilderlings and two charities: British Hearts & Mids and Latvian Dr. Klauns. Saving smiles!

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Pay with Apple/Google Pay and earn cashback

Pay with Apple/Google Pay and earn cashback

Discover the joy of effortless payments with Google/Apple Pay and earn cashback in EUR on every purchase. The more you spend, the more you earn! 

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Register your startup and open an account with a card for 900 euros!

Register your startup and open an account with a card for 900 euros!

• Company registration and account with a card for your business in one place
• No office visit – everything online
• Your data is protected
• Sign up to start using service

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10/05/2023 – GBP transfers within the UK

Domestic transfers in British pounds will soon be available. These transfers will come with a UK IBAN.
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31/01/2023 – Bilderlings cards are now available with Apple Pay!

Pay safer and faster with an iPhone and Apple Watch! Use Bilderlings app and add your card to your Apple wallet.
Enjoy all the benefits of your Bilderlings card using Apple Pay. It’s the easy, secure, and private way to pay!
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19/12/2022 – Bilderlings cards are now available with Google Pay!
Pay faster and more secure with a smartphone! Set up your Android for easy contactless payments. Just add your Bilderlings cards to Google Wallet to get started!
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03/05/2022 – Bilderlings becomes a SWIFT member 
Bilderlings has become a full member of the SWIFT system along with the largest banks in the world. Direct integration with the SWIFT system will simplify the work with international payments for customers.
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04/01/2022 – Currency exchange 24/7
No matter where you are and what time is – you can now easily convert money all day long 365 days a year!
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04/01/2022 – Virtual cards
You asked for it – we made it! Out virtual cards are now available! Get one and start spending immediately! No need to wait for a physical card.
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30/09/2021 – Interim financial report 2021
On the 1st September, the Board of Directors approved the interim report and an independent auditor’s report.
According to the interim report, Bilderlings earned 6-months profit of EUR 1,194,592. This result is higher by 3.2 times against the same period of 2020.
Total Assets of the company reached EUR 150.1 million increasing by 1.88 times (70.1 million) against 31.12.2020 and by 2.23 times (82.7 million) against 30.06.2020.
Client money outstanding reached EUR 144.6 million increasing by 1.89 times (67.9 million) against 31.12.2020 and by 2.21 times (79.3 million) against 30.06.2020.Taking into consideration the six-months result, the shareholders of the Company have decided to re-invest the interim profit into the capital. Therefore, the current share capital of Bilderlings achieved a level of EUR 4.5 million. This is the second time for this year that the shareholders invest their profits into the Bilderlings capital to support and strengthen the growth of the Company. In total this year, the share capital was increased by EUR 2.6 million.
You can deep into reading of the interim report of Bilderlings here.
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15/05/2021 – Bilderlings Deposit – get guaranteed profit from your funds
Bilderlings has launched a new product – Deposits for private persons. The main advantages of the deposits:
  • fixed rate deposit;
  • ability to choose the currency of the deposit;
  • a fixed maturity term, with the ability to withdraw the deposit ahead of schedule;
  • no maximum limit on the amount of the deposit;
  • keeping your deposit in a reliable European bank – BluOr Bank;
  • deposit guarantee by the European Union directive up to EUR 100,000.
Learn more about our Deposits.
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Online onboarding for individuals: open an account in two minutes
We have automated the account access procedure for individuals. Signing up, filing documents and opening a current account now takes just a few minutes. What advantages does online onboarding provide?
● Immediate system access upon registration. This is a demo version of your current account – familiarise yourself with the interface before an account is opened.
● In demo access mode, you can already start receiving internal payments!
● The main advantage of online onboarding is the speed with which your account is opened. If there are no issues with your documents, we will automatically grant account access in just a few minutes!
Online onboarding for legal entities will also be available soon. Read more…
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SEPA Instant: payments just in seconds 24/7
Starting from February 2021 our clients will be able to use SEPA Instant – send and receive money just in seconds, at any time of the day or night.
An instant payment gives the beneficiary full access to incoming funds within seconds of the payment. The SEPA Instant system operates 24/7, all year round. No extra fees apply to these instant payments, and they are just as secure as all other SEPA payments.
You will not need to take any further action to make or receive an instant payment – all transfers will be instant wherever it is possible.
Instant payments are only available to SEPA Instant participants. If your partner’s bank is connected to the system, we will automatically dispatch your payment as instant; otherwise, the payment will be sent according to regular SEPA terms. Around 2500 banks and financial institutions are already connected to SEPA Instant, and the number of participants is constantly increasing.
Future plans
  • Coming soon
    • Junior Cards
    • Asset Management and Family Office
    • Bilderlings Investments
  • Launched recently
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Individual IBANs
    • Bilderlings Startup
    • Savings Account
    • Virtual cards
    • Currency exchange 24/7
    • PIN code change
    • Deposits
    • New online onboarding for legal entities
    • New online onboarding for individuals
    • Sepa Instant
    • Mobile App
    • Online currency exchange
    • Free payments among Bilderlings accounts
    • Payment cards
    • Multi-user account with different roles
    • Upgraded version of online onboarding
    • Multi-channel acquirers network
Max Zhilnikov:
«Our company after the expansion was released on the international market and we needed a reliable financial technological platform. Bilderlings was recommended by a partner company. Among the advantages, I will highlight the possibility of transferring to more than 150 countries around the world. High transaction speed. We have a personal Manager assigned to us. Recommend.»Expand
«Excellent service. Fast payment execution. I’m really happy to do business with you! Thanks to your support team. Recommend!»Expand
«Great service. Responsive support.»
«Very happy with the service. Only reason for not giving 5-star is that the web-interface and query options can be improved.»
«Excellent service. Support work is great and intelligible.»
Alex Giver:
«I ordered a Bilderlings card a few months ago! And I absolutely love it! Design is fantastic, I like its transparency. I have used the card abroad, and it works, reasonable conversion rates.»Expand
«You’re wonderful team very fast and reliable. Thanks»

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