The third month of 2019 is coming to an end, and we are eagerly sharing with you what Bilderlings has already accomplished for its customers – and what has been planned for the very near future.

We strive to offer our clients a variety of quality services; these services are improving all the time with the development of advanced financial technologies.

The first quarter: what has been done

Save your money – and earn

At the very beginning of the current year, Bilderlings launched new loyalty programs to help regular customers save their money. Starting this year, Bilderlings customers will be able to pay less for their accounts’ servicing by inviting their partners to cooperate. In addition, we offer account opening and servicing free of charge for the beneficiary of a company that is already using our services.

Manage your capital

In addition to the loyalty program, Bilderlings will soon offer customers a new “Money Management” program. In cooperation with our partners, Bilderlings will offer its clients opportunities for investment, credit, insurance and capital saving.

Open your account faster and easier

At present, the registration process for opening an account with Bilderlings takes no more than five minutes. It is possible to apply to open an account and send all the necessary documents entirely online. Remote identification processes have also become faster and more automated – now we can open accounts within a day.

What to expect in the coming months

Pay for your purchases all over the world

Even more opportunities are opening up for Bilderlings customers. In the near future, the company’s customers will be able to pay worldwide using physical and virtual payment cards.

Improvements for current account users

The client’s personal account (internet bank) is going to be even more convenient and user-friendly. Over the coming months, Bilderlings customers will see improvements such as the introduction of different roles for current account users, payment templates, etc.

Better user experience for online merchants

The design update for merchant panel is nearing completion. A more convenient, modern and intuitive user interface is anticipated, as well as the option of generating various types of reports.

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