Free Virtual Cards in USD and GBP

Yes! We did it! Virtual cards in USD and GBP are now available. Get your new free card in your personal web panel or mobile app.

Fee cancellation

Starting from October 1st, we are waiving the account opening and maintenance fees for all individuals. We believe in inclusivity, and we think financial services should be accessible to everyone!

Free virtual cards in GBP and USD

In addition to euro cards, we are preparing to launch virtual pound and dollar cards. You can get one card in each currency for free! Stay tuned for updates

Recurring Payments are now available

Bilderlings has launched a new feature – Recurring Payments! Make Recurring Payments automatically without having to enter data every time. Set up Recurring Payments and save your time.

GBP transfers are now available

We are happy to announce that domestic transfers in British Pounds are now available. You can send and receive funds within the UK easily now!

Google and Apple Pay has launched recently

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just launched the ability to add all our cards to Apple and Google Pay for all our customers worldwide!

Cashback works with smartphone purchases too!

Multi-currency account in Bilderlings
Individual IBAN, 19 currencies, SEPA / SEPA Instant / SWIFT payments, attractive exchange rates, remote account opening in just one business day.

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