Imagine a world without trees.
We can’t.

Bilderlings helps to restore our planet’s forests. Join us on this journey!

Combating climate change

Bilderlings aims to positively influence the future of our planet. Since 2021 we actively participate in a global initiative focused on combating climate change through reforestation efforts.

We invite both current and prospective clients to join us in making a significant difference. Participating is straightforward and rewarding.


Let's make some room to breath!

As Earth Day nears, let’s appreciate our planet’s splendor and wealth. This occasion reminds us to care for and protect Earth. It’s a time to celebrate environmental achievements and renew our commitment to the planet’s protection.

Everyone can help in many ways—by reducing waste, planting trees, saving water, or backing renewable energy. Educating ourselves and advocating for Earth-friendly policies are vital for making a real impact.

How can you contribute?


Open a current account

Add your Bilderlings card to mobile wallet Apple Pay or Google Pay and and make 3 purchases of any amount – we will plant a tree on your behalf




Straight forward from your personal

web panel or Mobile App


Restoring trees worldwide

Bilderlings is partnering with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition in a mission to fight climate change by restoring trees worldwide.

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Global Goal

The Priceless Planet Coalition is targeting geographical areas , such as Kenya, Brazil and Australia, where restoration can deliver the most productive effects to communities as well as tackling climate change.

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Let's get planting!

The campaign offers an easy and engaging way to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Quesions & Answers

Reforestation is crucial for climate change mitigation, as trees absorb CO2, reducing greenhouse gases. It supports biodiversity by restoring habitats, regulates water cycles, and prevents soil erosion, enhancing agricultural productivity. Highlighting reforestation also emphasizes its economic benefits through job creation and ecotourism, while improving air quality and public health. Drawing attention to these efforts promotes global commitments to environmental sustainability and mobilizes collective action.

Through Bilderlings’ partnership with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition, we take this in our own hands. From you the only thing required – is to open a current account, add card to e-wallet and make at least 3 transactions of any amount if you are a new client. Or make a contribution in your personal panel or in app, if you are an existing client.

We adhere to strict governance practices, including transparent reporting. In the end of the campaign the results will be available to anyone on More about Bilderlings’ sastainable activity can be found here.

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