As you know, this year is very tough for investors. Major stock indexes felt by an average of 20-25%, gold corrected from USD 2,000 to USD 1,700 per troy ounce, only commodity markets, oil, metals, coal and others showed good dynamics.

Bonds local markets

You can take a closer look at the bond market, which currently offers good returns and we want to share with you our experience in investing in bonds.

By the way, Bilderlings invest part of our own funds in bonds of local companies that operate in certain regions. For example, we are interested in bonds of issuers from the Baltic States:

Maxima Grupe UAB – one of the largest retailers in the Baltics

Interest rate 6.25%, payable annually

Coupon type Fixed

Maturity 12 July 2027

BluOr Bank AS – one of the backbone banks in Latvia

Interest rate 7.00%, payable quarterly

Coupon type Fixed

Maturity 1 June 2029

BluOr Bank AS – one of the backbone banks in Latvia

Interest rate 5.00%, payable quarterly

Coupon type Fixed/Float

Maturity 29 August 2024

The advantages of local markets

Why do we choose local companies for our investments? The main advantages are:

  • operate exclusively in the local market
  • know their customers from A to Z
  • they do not need to compete with transnational giants
  • financial instruments of these companies are not on the radar of speculators, so they have low volatility.

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We wish you successful investments!

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