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How fraudsters target gamers – is it easy to defend yourself against virtual criminals?

The more deeply the virtual world becomes intertwined with the real one, the more sophisticated the methods of online fraudsters become. It would be foolish to doubt that this would affect the gaming industry as well. After all, it’s one of the largest sectors of the internet today, a place where huge sums of money Read more…

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Advice to sellers: how to protect yourself against chargebacks

What is important to know if you do not want to deal with a chargeback. Chargebacks are one of the more unpleasant things that can come up in interactions between merchant and client. When it comes to chargebacks, experts usually speak from the viewpoint of protecting the client’s interests. A buyer is dissatisfied with something Read more…

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Instagram influencers: how to boost online business profits

In this new article on the Bilderlings blog we discuss tools and trends in the world of social networks, as well as the impact of bloggers on e-commerce marketing. To what extent can you increase conversions in your store by using social networks as trading platforms? According to e-commerce experts, you can increase the target Read more…

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Bilderlings in 2019: all you need to know about our developments

The third month of 2019 is coming to an end, and we are eagerly sharing with you what Bilderlings has already accomplished for its customers – and what has been planned for the very near future. We strive to offer our clients a variety of quality services; these services are improving all the time with Read more…

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SWIFT & SEPA: what is the difference

Currently, the most widespread systems of international payment in the world are SEPA and SWIFT. The main difference between the two is the following: SEPA (or Single Euro Payment Area) provides payments in Euros with no restriction on the amount and within the Eurozone, where the recipient’s account number is required to be in the Read more…

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DMS and SMS transactions: which option suits you best

Today, when it comes to different types of payment algorithms, specialists generally mention two immediately: SMS (single message system) and DMS (dual message system). Briefly, in the case of SMS transactions the servicing bank and the emitting bank send each other authorization messages at the moment of financial transaction. Based on these messages, the transaction Read more…

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The time of fintech and neobanks: trends, figures, facts

Who would have thought that even the plastic bank cards you keep in your wallet would be on their way to becoming an anachronism. For example, Morgan Chase Bank has plans to replace the outdated technology of payments and to actively promote the cryptocurrency system. And you can already carry out e-commerce transactions anywhere in Read more…

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Why are banks’ clients switching to Fintech?

More and more people – from casual account holders to serious entrepreneurs – are changing their attitude towards the traditional banking system and moving into the world of advanced financial technologies in the virtual space. Every year, traditional banking is losing ground, giving way to new financial technologies. Now not just independent agencies, but also Read more…

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What to sell online: free e-commerce niches in 2019

Technically, creating an online business is easy. You can build a full-fledged online store within a day or two, or even in a few hours. But! The idea is important. You have to understand how it can be implemented and, ideally, how to occupy your own niche. Bilderlings gives several examples of creating a successful Read more…

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