Account for wholesale customers in 24 hours

We carry out 800+ thousand customer payments per month for 460+ million euros in popular currencies without delays

Quick payments

Reduce delays in international payments. Eurozone transfers are available 24/7/365. Worldwide payments are executed within 4 working hours.

Lower costs

Reduce the risks of currency fluctuations and fees. We can help you with your financial planning, our managers have 10+ years of experience in different niches.

Benefits of a Bilderlings account

Endless payday

Instant payments 24/7/365 up to €100,000 Eurozone-wide

Unlimited payments

Bidlerlings is not afraid of multi-million payments. We know how to process them quickly

Payment routing

A personal manager will offer options to speed up your business payments and not get bogged down in the abyss of requests from corporate banks.

Personal financial adviser

Bilderlings helps not only with fund transfers, but also with wealth management, investments and company legal services

Take full control
of your money at all times

All activities are accessible via a user-friendly web interface or a dazzling mobile app.

Do business with the world

Bilderlings' inclusive approach does not restrict customers in their choice of partner jurisdictions and geography of supply, as long as the transactions comply with international regulations

Businesses trust Bilderlings

Bidlerlings is an international group of fintech and asset management companies. Our offices in the UK, Switzerland, Cyprus and Latvia have been successfully helping clients from all over the world for more than 10 years


million € turnover of customer funds per month

Bilderlings is designed to make large customer payments globally without delay


thousands of payments processed per month

Bilderlings is effortlessly capable of processing hundreds of payments per second


million €
revenue in 2023

Bilderlings is successfully growing its business despite the state of the global economy

More than bankers

Our team is unique in that on average employees have 10+ years of experience in different niches and because of this, find the best solutions to help businesses grow


Questions & Answers

Bilderlings provides a multi-currency account for legal entities from most countries in the world.

The main requirement: meet risk appetite (see the paragraph below about countries and industries we do not work with) and go through KYC, a procedure that helps us get to know you better.

The requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction, type of business, and turnover. However, the basic requirements are simple:

  • no litigation involving the company;
  • no connection to politically exposed people;

Bilderlings does not serve companies or individuals registered in these regions or are citizens of these countries:

American Samoa
North Korea (DPRK)
Democratic Republic of Congo
Myanmar (Burma)
South Sudan
Crimea (Ukraine)
Trinidad and Tobago

Payments via the SEPA Instant channel (i.e. payments in euros within the EEA), typically, arrive instantly – the same minute, even on weekends and holidays. SEPA payments – usually within a business day. SWIFT and TARGET2 international payments normally take 2 to 3 working days, provided that the details of the payment are clear.

In accordance with the FCA’s security requirements, our clients’ funds are safeguarded, which means they are protected because funds held on behalf of our clients are held in segregated accounts and kept separate from Bilderlings’ own funds.These measures ensure that client funds are 100% safe.

A business card is convenient for paying for both work and personal purchases, including dining out at restaurants, shopping or travelling expenses. You can do everything within one account. The main thing is to remember to justify personal spending, for example, in the form of advance dividends or bonuses.

For UK and EU clients – opening is free of charge, service 20€ per month. Prerequisite: the office, main business and management of the company must be located in the country of incorporation and the beneficiaries must be residents of the country of incorporation. Additional eligibility criteria may apply. For international clients – starting from 1000€ for document review and 100€ per month service fee. Contact us for a tariff based on your company’s business profile.

To open an account, you need to fill in a questionnaire, and based on the answers, the manager will request the necessary documents.
Usually these are your company’s corporate documents, proof of the director’s residence address, and proof of the source of business funds.

The account will be opened in the name of your company with an individual IBAN number. Payments will be executed on behalf of your company and your partners will specify you as the recipient for incoming payments

When conducting transactions through Bilderlings, there are several documents we can request. Here are the most common scenarios:

Wholesale and logistics
Invoice for the goods to be bought/sold
Product specification
CMR, Air waybill, customs declarations and other documents confirming the movement of goods from seller to buyer.
Signed contract between the partners

IT and online services
Contract or terms of agreement

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