Escrow account

An escrow account guarantees that a transaction will only take place only once both parties have fulfilled their obligations.

An escrow account protects:

• sales and purchases of real estate
• trade transactions
• vehicle sales and purchases
• the sale, purchase or transfer of stocks and other securities.

Bilderlings escrow account

Multi-currency account
An account opened for between 1 day and 24 months
No limitations regarding the amount
Quick review of documents
Security guaranteed by an FCA licence
For legal entities
For individuals
Individual approach considering the specifics of your transaction

How does it work?


Drafting an agreement

Conclude an agreement with your partner, followed by a tripartite contract with Bilderlings, which describes all aspects and terms of the transaction.


Registering an account

Bilderlings opens the escrow account, holding funds until all obligations under the contract are fulfilled.


Depositing funds

Transfer funds to the escrow account and rest assured that they will be remitted to the beneficiary only if the contract is duly executed.


Finalising the transaction

Once all obligations of the parties under the contract are fulfilled, Bilderlings will transfer the funds to the beneficiary and close the transaction.

International clients Single-country EU Legal entities that fall under this tariff have to be registered in one of the EU countries. Their headquarters, business and management have also to be located in the country of registration, and their beneficiary has to be its citizen.
Escrow account opening
0.5% from total amount
Min. 250 EUR
By agreement
Escrow account closing
Contract renegotiation or amendment (except changes to the amount)
100 EUR
100 EUR
Filing of a supplementary escrow account contract in a foreign language (English, Russian)
Protect your transaction
Convenience and financial security for both parties to any transaction.