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A current account always at your fingertips with our mobile app
Managing your funds and performing account operations has become easier than ever: Bilderlings clients can do it from their smartphones! Read more about the features this app provides, and see for yourself on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Easy access, quick payments The main feature of this app is the sending and receiving of transfers.
Merchant Account Fees: Everything You Need to Know
When it comes to merchant accounts, the amount of information and terminology surrounding them can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned of business owners. We’ve put together this guide to merchant accounts and fees, so you can easily understand what you’re paying…
What Is A Merchant Account?
The One Account No Modern Business Can Live Without So you’ve finally created a product or service that everyone wants, and you’re ready to start your own business. You get an LLC, you build a website, maybe you even open up a physical “brick-and-mortar” store…
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Introducing our new product: MasterСard Bilderlings Business!
MasterСard Bilderlings Business debit card for enterprises and MasterСard Bilderlings for individuals became available on 10 March, 2020. MasterСard Bilderlings and MasterСard Bilderlings Business cards allow you to manage money at any time of the day or night, to…
Have you decided to take your business to a new, more advanced level with the help of online payments?
If we were told before that one day it would be possible to order a take-out with just one click, we would not have believed it. But today this option is available to everyone, especially for business owners and operators. About 15% of online purchases are paid for with a…
Where to invest on the internet
A businessman who makes investments in the virtual world can become a successful entrepreneur in the real world. The first thing to know for a person who has decided to invest in an online business: the basic rules for investing in the virtual space and in real life…
Investing in business: the case for the brave
Which projects are better to invest in, how to do it and where the risk is less. The issue of investing in business is extremely broad. It can be of interest both to beginners and already established entrepreneurs. However, we will focus on what is important for novice…
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Bilderlings payment cards to be issued soon
In January, Bilderlings customers will be able to use the Bilderlings Pay MasterСard. You can pre-order the payment card today. Payment cards are the most convenient way to get paid and to cash out money at ATMs and bank branches around the world. Bilderlings will issue…
Bilderlings News
Hundreds of payments in two clicks
A bulk payment service will be available at Bilderlings by the end of September. This will allow customers to make bulk payments in just a few minutes. What is it? Bulk payments give an opportunity to make a lot of payments to different recipients in a couple of…
Ten main rules for the novice investor
So, you’ve got a spare bit of money and decided you want to invest it? Good choice! But before you take this important step, you should take the time to learn the main rules of investing. If you take a risk, do it with total awareness The first rule. Evaluate the…
Investing for beginners: where to start and how to keep going
It is hard to take the first step into the world of entrepreneurship, but it is necessary if you don’t want to work for hire, where you might have a decent, stable income, but you always work “for someone”. And this doesn’t suit everyone. The main thing is to…
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