Currency Exchange 24/7

No matter where you are and what time is – you can now easily convert money all day long 365 days a year!

App Charity Donations Service

We launch In-App Charity Donations Service to support healthcare clowning. With just two clicks and less than five seconds, our customers can now easily support charity organizations by donating straight from their own accounts.

Why we invest in local companies

As you know, this year is very tough for investors. Major stock indexes felt by an average of 20-25%, gold corrected from USD 2,000 to USD 1,700 per troy ounce, only commodity markets, oil, metals, coal and others showed good dynamics. Bonds local markets You can take a closer look at the bond market, which […]

Virtual cards

You asked for it – we made it! Out virtual cards are now available! Get one and start spending immediately! No need to wait for a physical card.

It’s now even quicker and easier to open a Bilderlings account

We have automated the account access procedure for individuals. Signing up, filing documents and opening a current account now takes just a few minutes. What does onboarding mean? Onboarding refers to the actions you take on your way to receiving a service. To open a Bilderlings account and make use of the fintech platform’s other […]

A current account always at your fingertips with our mobile app

Managing your funds and performing account operations has become easier than ever: Bilderlings clients can do it from their smartphones! Read more about the features this app provides, and see for yourself on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Easy access, quick payments The main feature of this app is the sending and receiving of transfers. To […]

Which Payment Method Typically Charges The Highest Interest Rates?

Many people are in need of fast cash for big-ticket purchases or to bridge the gap between paychecks. This is where different payment methods such as personal loans or credit cards can come in handy. Most of these payment methods typically provide you with money up front that you then pay back in addition to […]

How to Open a Merchant Account

The new business you’ve been working so hard to get started is finally about to open. With the many finishing touches that require your attention, it’s hard to keep your focus on what’s most important. One thing you don’t want to forget is to open a merchant account to accept credit/debit cards and electronic payments. […]

Merchant Account Fees: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to merchant accounts, the amount of information and terminology surrounding them can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned of business owners. We’ve put together this guide to merchant accounts and fees, so you can easily understand what you’re paying each month, and why these costs appear (or don’t) on your monthly […]

Multi-currency account in Bilderlings
Individual IBAN, 19 currencies, SEPA / SEPA Instant / SWIFT payments, attractive exchange rates, remote account opening in just one business day.

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