Document verification for opening an account and card issuing
4 500 GBP / 5 000 EUR
Active Account maintenance (per month)
450 GBP / 500 EUR
Urgent document revision for opening an account
1 800 GBP / 2 000 EUR
Fee for holding funds on an Account (annual interest rate)
Inactivity fee (<2 outgoing SEPA/cross border payments per month, commission fee is activated after 2 calendar months from account opening date)
90 GBP / 100 EUR
Incoming transfers to a Client Account
Funds transfer between Bilderlings Account user accounts
free of charge
SEPA If the paid fee does not cover all the fees charged by the correspondent and recipient banks, the missing commission fee is deducted from the client additionally.
from 13 GBP / 15 EUR
Cross border payments The amount of fee depends on the fees applied by the bank correspondent. Fee type - SHA.
not available
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