Make money by helping clients

Make money by helping clients

If your client would like to open a current account without excessive bureaucracy, make dollar payments or engage in e-commerce, the Bilderlings partnership programme can provide you with a good source of extra income.

  • Current Account

    Payments in 21 currencies including USD and EUR, remote account opening for individuals and legal entities worldwide. Convenient web-based app. Accounts with individually assigned IBANs. Transaction limits set depending on the documentation provided.

  • Online acquiring

    Accept payments on the internet anywhere, from any device. Wide range of available transaction types that will suit any need.

  • E-invoices

    Issue invoices on orders digitally, with just a few taps on any device. Accept card payments and receive confirmation within seconds.

  • One-click subscriptions and payments

    Automate payments, create and extend subscriptions, automatically send invoices for flexible business.

  • Payment platform integration

    Accept payments in your app. Offer one-click shopping and leverage other features to boost conversion rates.

How does it work?
  • 1

    Discover the services available with Bilderlings

  • 2

    Tell your clients about them

  • 3

    Sign a partnership agreement

  • 4

    Receive compensation

Clear remuneration scheme
A fixed rate for current account opening plus commission on e-commerce transactions
Dedicated manager
An attentive account manager will answer any questions you may have about Bilderlings or client attraction, within minutes.
Marketing assistance
We provide partners with a full range of marketing material in order to attract clients.