Bilderlings Safeguarding Statement

Bilderlings clients’ funds are protected through a process known as Safeguarding, essentially segregating by placing 100% of  ‘relevant funds’ in a designated separate bank account or investing them in secure, liquid, low risk assets held in a separate account with a custodian. Segregation of funds is one of two safeguarding methods available to EMIs under the applicable UK legislation. We place all safeguarded funds in safeguarding accounts with carefully selected authorised credit institutions (banks) or custodians in accordance with the FCA’s regulatory requirements.
Please note that protection available by Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does NOT apply to client funds held by Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), however, client funds are held in segregated accounts and separated from Bilderlings own funds, and are appropriately identified and managed on a daily basis.
It is Bilderlings responsibility as an EMI to have appropriate and well-managed safeguarding arrangements, so that in the event of insolvency of Bilderlings, the segregated funds held in the safeguarding account will NOT be considered to belong to Bilderlings, and will be distributed to Bilderlings customers in a timely and orderly manner.
For more details on how EMIs protect clients’ money, please refer to the FCA’s website using the link below, or contact Bilderlings: