Cardholder data input page

Cardholder data input page
  • The default page is showed below:
  • cardholder
  • BilderlingsPay payment gateway provides form of inserting cardholder data.
Field Usage Description
cardholder M
Cardholder name. Supported conditions:

• Apostrophe (') for names like "Gareth O'Hare"
• Minus for double names like "Alexandru-Cristian"
• Dot (.) for honorific prefixes like "MR.", "MRS.", "MISS.", "MS.", "DR.", "THE."
• Dot (.) for initials like "Jimmy L. Morgan", "J.P. Teron"
• Length of name max 30 symbols, min 3 symbols

+Latvian and Russian symbols

"${^[ A-Za-z" + // ASCII
"'-." + // Special
"\\u0410-\\u044F\\u0451\\u0401" + // Russian
"\\u0100\\u0101\\u0112\\u0113\\u012A\\u012B\\u014C\\u014D\\u016A\\u016B\\u010C\\u010D\\" +
"u0122\\u0123\\u0136\\u0137\\u013B\\u013C\\u0145\\u0146\\u0156\\u0157\\u0160\\u0161\\u017D\\u017E" + // Latvian
pan M card number
cvc M Security code (3 digits for VISA and MC, 4 for Amex)
expiry M Expiration date, format MMYY
  • It is possible to use default templates or arrange custom page template for this and any other payment gateway pages. Requested custom design of pages should be described by merchant.
  • Payment page language is assigned in the request form using field customer.additional_params<['locale']< span>. For example, English language can be specified with 'en_US' value. If the value is not defined, the user's browser language will be used. If gateway doesn’t support requested language, the default English language will be used.