Get data of frauds

Get data of frauds
  • Fraud information request description and example
  • Method: POST , URL /fraud
  • Fields for signature calculation: <X-Nonce><ShopPassword>
Field Usage Description
file_date_from optional Starting date for files to return in response in “YYYY-MM-DD” format
file_date_to optional End date for files to return in response in “YYYY-MM-DD” format
shop_codes optional Array list of shopcodes
merchant_id optional Merchant identification number(MID)
acq_ref_nrs optional Transaction “Acquirer reference number”
payment_order_nrs optional Array list of unique order ID/bill number in the merchant system
page optional Page number of results, starting with 0. Default value is 0.
per_page optional Number of chargebacks per page, as value between 10 and 1000. Default value is 10.
sortKey optional Parameter to sort by, possible values:
sortOrder optional Sorting order for sortKey argument, possible values "asc" or "desc", default is "asc"(ascending).
Request example
  "shop_codes": [ "TEST_SHOP" ],
  "merchant_id": null,
  "acq_ref_nrs": null,
  "payment_order_nrs": [ "9JJIt5nCPg6Z1FF8QboE", "FHKUaPtd5BMyiKFz2Pdl", "wJcSjSany0sE50u0ziar" ],
  "file_date_from": "2017-11-10",
  "file_date_to": "2017-11-10",
  "page": 0,
  "per_page": 10,
  "sortKey": null,
  "sortOrder": null
Fraud information response description and example
Field Description
List of content as array
content.bank_id Constant bank ID value for Bilderling = 29
content.file_date Report file timestamp(date), following YYYY-MM-DD format
content.card Masked PAN (mask template 123456%1234)
content.acq_ref_nr Transaction “Acquirer reference number”
content.merchant_id Merchant identification number(MID)
content.merchant_name Merchant description (ISO8583 field 43)
content.fraud_type Fraud type
content.purchase_date Purchase date, format 'YYYY-MM-DD'
content.fraud_report_date Fraud Report date, format 'YYYY-MM-DD'
content.posted_date Fraud record posting date, format 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Will be filled only if Card type - MC
content.fraud_amount Fraud amount
content.card_type Card Type (VISA or MC)
content.iss_country Card Issuer country
content.payment_id Payment identification code – unique identified used to identify payments in PGW interface.
content.eci_sli Electronic Commerce Indicator (for VISA cards) Security Level Indicator (for MasterCard cards)
content.tr_amount Original Transaction amount (as originally processed by merchant), format- point as decimal sign and 2 decimals. Left padded with spaces.
content.tr_ccy Transaction amount currency code (alpha)
content.tr_date_time Transaction date YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM:SS
content.payment_order_nr Unique order ID/bill number in the merchant system (max 30 symbols)
Pagination information
totalPages Total number of pages for selection done with current "page" and "per_page" in request
totalElements Total number of frauds matching the request parameters.
Example response
  "content": [
      "bank_id": "29",
      "file_date": "2017-10-03",
      "card": "431422%0049",
      "acq_ref_nr": "75400786088013046222222",
      "merchant_id": "3401615",
      "merchant_name": "DESIGN xxx",
      "fraud_type": 6,
      "purchase_date": "2017-10-02",
      "fraud_report_date": "2017-10-02",
      "posted_date": "2017-10-02",
      "fraud_amount": 50.00,
      "card_type": "MC",
      "iss_country": "GBP",
      "payment_id": "21050998",
      "eci_sli": "210",
      "tr_amount": 50.00,
      "tr_ccy": "EUR",
      "tr_date_time": "2017-10-02 14:45:38",
      "payment_order_nr": "htbLY3RW0COpeFBCLtO0"
  "totalPages": 1,
  "totalElements": 1