Error codes

Error codes
Category Code Description Message
Internal communication error 1000 SYSTEM_ERROR Unexpected system error - try again later or contact administrator
1201 WALLET_IO_FAIL Internal communication problem, try again later
1202 WALLET_STATUS_FAIL Wallet system error
1301 LIMIT_SERVICE_IO Internal communication problem, try again later
Validation error 2001 MPI_SIGNATURE_FAIL Authentication unavailable. Bad signature
2002 MPI_EMPTY_RESPONSE Empty response from MPI
2003 CURRENCY_NOT_ALLOWED Invalid invoice request, contact merchant
2004 PM_NOT_ALLOWED Requested payment method is not allowed
2005 CHARGEBACK_WRONG_SHOP_CODE Not existing shop or shop from another merchant
Non-processable input error (request will be rejected) 2101 VALIDATION_ERROR Validation error
2102 INPUT_FORMAT_ERROR Input request format error
2103 DUPLICATED_ORDER_ID Duplicated order ID
2104 BAD_SIGNATURE Bad signature
2106 HANDLER_NOT_FOUND Handler not found
2107 INVOICE_LOCKED Concurrent payment
2108 INVOICE_NOT_FOUND Invoce not found
2109 SHOP_NOT_FOUND Shop not found
2110 TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND Transaction not found
Payment processing errors 3001 TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND Transaction not found
3002 INVALID_CARD_TYPE Card type is not supporting, try another one
3003 LIMIT_SERVICE Limit service error
3004 MERCHANT_BLOCKED Payments temporarily blocked, try again later
3005 MERCHANT_DISABLED Payments temporarily disabled, try again later
3006 RESET_EXCEED_MAXIMUM Retries count exceeded maximum
3007 CANCELLED_BY_USER Invoice is cancelled by user request
3008 PAYMENT_TIME_EXCEEDED Payment time exceeded
3009 USER_INTERACTION_TIME_EXCEEDED Interaction time exceeded
3010 FRAUD_VALIDATION_ERROR Not enough or invalid data provided for fraud monitoring
Limit service errors 3101 MAX_PAY_TRY_COUNT_PER_INVOICE Maximum pay tries per invoice exceeded.
3102 MAX_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_COUNT Transactions count exceeded.
3103 MAX_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_AMOUNT Transactions amount exceeded.
3104 MAX_INPUT_TRANSACTIONS_COUNT Input transactions count exceeded.
3105 MAX_INPUT_TRANSACTIONS_AMOUNT Input transactions amount exceeded.
3106 MAX_INPUT_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_COUNT Maximum successful transactions count exceeded.
3107 MAX_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT Amount of transaction is too big.
3108 MIN_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT Amount of transaction is too small.
3109 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_BIN Maximum transactions count for BIN exceeded - try another card.
3110 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_BIN Maximum transactions amount for BIN exceeded - try another card.
3111 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_PAN Maximum transactions count for PAN exceeded - try another card.
3112 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_PAN Maximum transactions amount for PAN exceeded - try another card.
3113 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_CARDHOLDER Maximum transactions count for cardholder exceeded - try another card.
3114 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_CARDHOLDER Maximum transactions amount for PAN exceeded - try another card.
3115 MAX_OUTPUT_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_COUNT Maximum output transactions count exceeded.
3116 MAX_OUTPUT_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_AMOUNT Maximum output transactions amount exceeded.
3117 MAXMIND_LIMIT MaxMind fraud check failed
3118 IP_BLACK_LIST Your IP is in black list
3119 BIN_BLACK_WHITE_LIST Your BIN is in black list
3120 DELIVERY_COUNTRY_BLACK_WHITE_LIST Your delivery country is in black list
3121 SANCTIONS_BLACK_LIST Your card is in sanctions black list
3122 PAN_BLACK_LIST PAN blacklisted
3123 CARDHOLDER_NAME_BLACK_LIST Cardholder name is blacklisted
3124 PAN_CARDHOLDER_LINK Entered cardholder name linked to another PAN.
3125 PAN_PER_IP_COUNT Entered PAN associated with another IP address
3126 MAX_ERRORS_PER_PAN Too many errors from this PAN - try another card
3127 MAX_ERRORS_PER_IP Too many errors from this IP - try another location
3128 CARDTYPE_BLACK_LIST You card type is prohibited
3129 OUTGOING_TRANSACTION_NOT_EXCEED_INCOMING Outgoing transaction exceeded incoming
3130 COUNTRY_BY_BIN_MATCHES_DELIVERY_COUNTRY BIN country doesnt match delivery country
3131 COUNTRY_BY_BIN_MATCHES_COUNTRY_BY_IP BIN country doesnt match your country by IP
3132 ALLOWED_COUNTRY_BY_BIN Country by this BIN is prohibited
3133 PROHIBITED_COUNTRY_BY_BIN Card issuer country is blacklisted
3134 PAN_PER_EMAIL_COUNT PAN already linked to another email address
3135 EMAIL_PER_PAN_COUNT This email already used for another PAN
3136 EMAIL_PER_IP_COUNT This email linked to another IP
3137 EMAIL_BLACK_LIST Your email is blacklisted
3138 PHONE_BLACK_LIST Your phone is blacklisted
3139 USER_ID_BLACK_WHITE_LIST Your identifier is blacklisted
3140 DOMAIN_CHECK Your domain is prohibited
3141 PAN_PER_USER_ID_COUNT Your PAN already used for another user id
3142 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_PHONE Too many transactions for entered phone number
3143 COUNTRY_AVIA_DEPARTURE_BLACK_LIST Your departure country is blacklisted
3144 COUNTRY_AVIA_ARRIVAL_BLACK_LIST Your arrival country is blacklisted
3145 COUNTRY_BLACK_WHITE_LIST You country is blacklisted
3146 BOOK_TO_DEPARTURE_TIME_FRAME Departure time is out of frame
3147 BAD_CARDHOLDER Wrong cardholder name
3148 MIN_LENGTH_FOR_CARDHOLDER Wrong cardholder name length
3149 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_IP This IP exceeded success transaction count
3150 FAILURE_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_IP This IP exceeded failure transaction count
3151 SUCCESS_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_IP This IP exceeded success transaction amount
3152 FAILURE_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_IP This IP exceeded failure transaction amount
3153 FAILURE_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_PAN This PAN exceeded failure transaction count
3154 FAILURE_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_FOR_PAN This PAN exceeded failure transaction amount
3155 AMOUNT_BIGGER_THAN_PREVIOUS Current and previous transaction amounts is suspicious
3156 ONE_IDENTICAL_TRANSACTION_PER_INTERVAL Too many identical transactions
3157 FAILURE_TRANSACTION_COUNT_FOR_INTERVAL Too many failure transactions
3158 TIME_INTERVAL_BLACK_LIST Current time is not acceptable for transaction - try again later
3159 PERCENT_FOR_IP Transactions percentage for yor IP is suspicious
3160 BUDGET Budget exceeded
3161 ALLOWED_PAN_LIST This PAN is prohibited
3162 MAX_INPUT_SUCCESS_TRANSACTIONS_AMOUNT Input success transaction amount limit exceeded
Payment configuration errors (administrative errors) 4001 NO_CARD_DATA Original payment information not found
4002 NO_APPLICABLE_CONNECTOR Connector not found for performing operation
4003 PM_NOT_CONFIGURED Requested payment method is not configured
4004 REVERSE_ALREADY_DONE Reverse already done
4005 WRONG_AMOUNT Amount of operation exceed original
4006 NOTIFICATION_IO_ERROR Notification error
4007 NOTIFICATION_STATUS_ERROR Notification status error
4008 DMS_WRONG_PAYMENT_METHOD Original transaction should be DMS
4009 DMS_WRONG_STATUS Wrong invoice status for second DMS operation
4010 INVOICE_NOT_COMPLETED Invoice should be successfully paid for requested operation
4011 INVOICE_ALREADY_COMPLETED Invoice already completed
4012 REVERSE_BY_WRONG_STATUS Transaction should be completed for reverse
4013 REFUND_ALREADY_DONE Reverse by already refunded transaction
4014 TRANSACTION_NOT_FX_OG Transaction should be FX/OG
4015 WRONG_REVERSE_CURRENCY Currency for reverse differs from original
4017 MPI_CALLBACK_REQUIRED 3D verification result required
4018 DMS_CONFIRM_AMOUNT DMS confirmation amount exceeded original
4019 CSC_REQUIRED_ERROR CSC required, but wasn't received
4021 WRONG_PAYOUT_AMOUNT Wrong FX/OG payout amount
FDL related errors 6001 FIRSTDATA_FAIL Service provider error
6002 FIRSTDATA_IO_FAIL Internal communication problem, try again later
6003 FIRSTDATA_ACTION_FAIL First data returned unexpected action in response
Possible such errors:
2=Issuer or cardholder not enrolled (allowed for optional 3D verification methods such as FD_SMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_DMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_SMS_RECURRING_3D_OPTIONAL. Payment will be processed if received this error)
3=Not in cache (allowed for optional 3D verification methods such as FD_SMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_DMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_SMS_RECURRING_3D_OPTIONAL. Payment will be processed if received this error)
4=Attempt receipt received and signature valid (allowed for optional 3D verification methods such as FD_SMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_DMS_3D_OPTIONAL, FD_SMS_RECURRING_3D_OPTIONAL. Payment will be processed if received this error)
5=Authentication unavailable
6=3-D Secure Error
7=System error
8=Unknown Card Scheme or PAN
0=Authentication failed
6102 MPI_IO_FAIL Internal communication problem, try again later
9000 UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error