Get cashback on your card purchases
  • Up to 1% cashback on your card purchases*

    The cashback amount depends on the sum you spend with your card. Spend up to 1000 EUR and get 0,1% cashback, or spend over 1000 EUR in a month and get 1% cashback!

  • Receive your cashback monthly

    No extra activities on your part. Everything is simple and fast. Cashback is calculated automatically and credited to your account in EUR by the 5th day of each month. The campaign is planned for 6 months.

  • 0 limit for purchases

    There is no minimum or maximum amount to qualify for the cashback – every purchase counts.* The more you spend, the more you get.

* Please see the FAQ section for exceptions.

The more you spend with your card, the higher is the cashback!
Easy cashback tracking

Easy cashback tracking

You can easily track the cashback amount you qualify for in the application or in Personal Panel. You will see the progress bar of your card spending – it will be updated once a day after all card transactions have been processed. The progress bar in the application will be shown upon the update to the latest version.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to apply somehow for this cashback campaign?

No, all payment cards (physical and virtual) issued to individuals participate in this campaign. As soon as you make the first purchase with your card, the cashback will be automatically calculated. Once this campaign is terminated, the cashback will not be calculated. 

For what purchases is cashback caluclated?

Cashback is calculated for all purchases with your physical and virtual card except for the transactions related to merchants operating by the following industries: Securities – Brokers/Dealers; Quasi cash; gambling; video games; card payments (money send funding and money send intercountry); money transfer; internet gambling; licensed Horse/dog racing; non-finance organizations (securities); payment transactions; POI funding transactions;  pawn shops; manual cash disbursement; cash in ATM; merchandise and services (financial institutions); securities; not classified categories. Classification of purchases depends on the merchant category codes.

Is cashback calculated when paying for purchases worldwide in other currency?

Yes. The transaction amount is then converted into EUR at the bank’s exchange rate set on the date when the amount was debited from the account.

Is cashback calculated for cash withdrawals from an ATM?

No, cashback is not calculated for cash withdrawals, transfers, as well as for some other types of card transactions. Please see the second answer for more details.

How can I check the amount spent by card this month?

You can see the progress bar of the amount spent in your Personal Panel or in the application (you have to update application to the latest version). The progress bar will show the calculated cashback amount on the amount spent during the month as well as the amount left for the next cashback level. If the card is blocked but the account is active the cashback will be calculated and paid out. Please note that the accrued cashback for the current month will be paid by the 5th day of the next month.

Are there any limits on cashback accrual?

There are no limits for receiving the cashback. The more you spend, the more you get back.

If I have more than one card, will my purchases amount be summed up for all cards?

It depends whether your cards are linked to the same account or they are different ones. Cashback is calculated for each account and all cards linked to it. E.g. you have one account and two cards linked to it – then all purchases made with both cards will be summed up and the cashback will be paid out to this account. But if you have 2 accounts and 2 cards – each linked to a separate account then the purchase amounts of different cards will not be summed up.

What should I do if I have not received cashback?

There might be several reasons:

– For some purchases made in the current month, the transaction has not yet been executed. Cashback for such transactions will be credited next month.

– One or more transactions involved a return of goods.

– The transaction was included in the list of exceptions.

– The transaction is refunded or reversed.

  • The account is closed or blocked.

If all the cashback conditions were met, but the cashback has not been paid, please contact your account manager.

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