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  • Cross-border payments - send payments to 150 countries and exchange 19 currencies at a favorable market rate.
  • Domestic payments - make payments within one country and save time and money.
Cross-border payments

Payments in Europe (EEA) and all over the world – quick, reliable and convenient.

Faster Payments and CHAPS

Use payment systems FPS and CHAPS for GBP transfers in the UK.

Bilderlings Inside

Instant and free money transfers between Bilderlings accounts in any of 19 currencies.

Time is money!

Time is money!

Quick crediting and sending funds to and from your account. Make payments with Bilderlings and save time.

Convenient solutions for your company

Convenient solutions for your company

  • Flexible limits to suit your business.
  • 19 currencies, exchange at a favorable market rate
  • Bulk payments – send hundreds of payments in just a few clicks
  • Open API to automate your business
  • Contactless card for you and your employees
Save the time - exchange currency in real-time

Save the time – exchange currency in real-time

Exchange and hold your funds in 19 available currencies on your multi-currency account. Attractive interbank exchange rate and no hidden fees. Save your time and money!

Instant payments

Instant payments

Euro payments within seconds with SEPA Instant – convenient and secure way to send and receive funds instantly around the clock, 365 days a year!

Open your account quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.
Exchange money at a favorable rate and send money to 150 countries of the world.
Our plans

Our plans

  • Mastercard Send — a global payment network that allows you to make instant payments in real time to anywhere in the world
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