One-click payments and recurring payments

Don’t make buyers re-enter their card details. Accept regular subscription payments.

  • Online shops
  • Online training courses
  • Online games
  • Mobile providers
  • Lending companies
  • Social networks
  • Housing and utilities providers
  • Internet providers and many others

How does it work?

Both recurring payments and one-click payments are implemented with tokenisation. Tokenisation technology replaces actual financial of the buyer data with a token. The merchant receives the auto-generated token as payment confirmation. Thus, customer data can be easily “memorised” by using their tokens.

  • One-click payments

    Streamline payments to just a few seconds. Customers enter card data upon first purchase only. After that, all they need to do is click “Pay now”. With one-click payments, you facilitate repeated and impulse buys.

  • Recurring payments

    Set up automatic payments based on any custom debiting logic. The Bilderlings regular payments system can support any buyer card debiting scenario based on a merchant’s business set-up. With recurring payments, payers do not need to perform any actions beyond their initial consent to the subscription.

Stimulate impulse purchases

If a shopper has checked out with their purchase, you can still offer other goods (tagged as relevant to their purchase), which the customer could purchase as extras by simply clicking “Pay now”.

Increase sales conversions

Quick and efficient purchases are a major reason why commerce has been shifting from shopping malls to the world wide web.

Manage automatic payments from your merchant panel

You can suspend or cancel subscriptions manually by adjusting settings as necessary.

Mitigate human error

Your customer will never make an error with the amount of a purchase, while you will never have a late or insufficient payment. You ensure that customers always have access to your service, which means they won’t have to take their business elsewhere.

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