Payment system integration

Integration via plug-in/API/redirect/iframe

Choose the right payment system integration method for your business.

How does it work?

The Bilderlings processing centre offers four ways to integrate with our payment system: plug-in, API, redirect, or iframe. The best type of integration depends on the aims and circumstances of your business, and the capabilities of your website.

Plug-in integration

A universal solution for CMS-based websites. Just download our pre-made module and install it like you would a smartphone app.

Connect in just 15 minutes

No need for programming skills: all you have to do is download and install the right plug-in.

Choose from a standard set of features

Plug-in integration provides a universal solution for accepting payment for goods and services.

Choice of 13 modules for 6 popular systems

Download ready-made modules with or without 3D Secure, with DMS functionality etc.


Redirect integration

Integration redirecting buyers to the Bilderlings payment processing page, customised based on the merchant’s corporate style (optional).

Defend against phishing

Enabling direct forwarding to a securely protected payment page dodges any issues you may encounter with payment security, guarding users from online fraud.

Save effort

The payment form is available on the website of the Bilderlings processing service – it does not take a software engineer to invent new solutions.

Mind your style

If you prefer, we will adapt the payment form to your brand identity.

API integration

Unique solutions, multiple options, maximum freedom of choice for merchants. You can set up payment acceptance processes in the best way for your business environment. The perfect choice for serious niche businesses.

Set up fine-tuned payment solutions.

Customised payment solutions include recurring payments with a complex algorithm, two-factor purchases, integration of payment solutions in bills, and many other great features.

Leverage the full potential of available transactions

All possible transaction processing features will only be available to you with deep integration via our API, which allows you to combine accounting and payment solutions seamlessly.

Make work easier

Bilderlings offers multiple levels of support. Depending on the scope and severity of an issue, we will engage the best specialist to tackle it for you.

Improve conversions

АPI integration really unleashes your conversion opportunities. Buyers no longer have to go to a specific page with their purchases. Everything is simple and convenient because the payment system is built into the merchant’s website.

Iframe integration

Integrated payment form displayed within your website. The buyer does not have to leave your website to make a payment; however, like with redirection, the form is hosted on the payment service’s website. The content of the iframe may be adapted to reflect the merchant’s style preferences.

Save effort

We host the payment form on the Bilderlings processing service website; you do not need a programmer to be able to develop novel solutions.

Guaranteed safety and calm

Redirecting to a protected page saves you the trouble of ensuring payment security –let Bilderlings take care of it.

Keep the customer on your page

With iframes, your client can pay without leaving your website. Once the transaction is complete, they can return to browsing your shop.

Maintain your style

If you prefer, a payment form may be adjusted to match your brand identity.

Accept payment while doing more important things

The payment page is suitable for any gadget. Regardless of what device you are using right now, you can do the things you need without disrupting your routine.

Develop with the merchant panel

Convenient, aimed at the average person rather than a field specialist, the merchant panel provides a wide range of features, including analysis of data that will help you adjust your line of business and improve your marketing toolset.

Confidence in tech support

Our dedicated technical support team will help you install a payment system, fine-tune it or service it. We will never have to solve your problem alone.

Enter new markets

Regardless of the type of integration, the payment system supports every currency worldwide and can be localised to any language.

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