Customisable merchant panel

Have business at your fingertips with the personal merchant panel.

How does it work?

A merchant panel is a private dashboard where all online payment management tools are at your fingertips. Detailed information on all payments allows you to focus on the request markets. General analytics can guide you on your development path, while error code review can help you perfect your marketing tools.

Be at the helm

Adjust settings to implement a feature you need today. Leverage the full potential of the payment system with your merchant panel.

Study your customers

Sales analytics can help you find out more about the regions, times, volumes, nature of purchases, and many other things. You can segment the data by currency or various other criteria.

Have help on hand

Our merchant panel gives you access to any specialist within our company, including your client manager. Correspondence and documentation are saved in the merchant panel – you will not need to spend time looking for it in the e-mail archive.

Set limits

We have over 100 filters to help defend against suspicious transactions.

Simplify accounting work

Export statistics and analytical data, create accounting reports with our merchant panel.

Allocate access

Provide other staff with access to the merchant panel. We accommodate two types of access: with editing rights, or read-only.

Add extra accounts

Keep track of multiple companies’ performance using a single account.

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