Accept bank cards online.

Let customers pay you in many ways. Connect to our online bank card acquiring service with high-speed transactions and friendly tech support.

  • Online shops
  • Insurance brokers
  • Forex services
  • Subscription services
  • Telecoms and many others

Transaction types

  • SMS (Single Message System) transactions.

    One-time debiting from a customer’s card.

  • One-click payments

    Speed up purchases by saving customer card data.

  • DMS transactions

    Debit a customer’s card in two steps: reservation, followed by debiting.

  • Refund payment

    Refund the full or partial amount of a purchase to the customer’s card.

  • МО/ТО payments (Mail Order/Telephone Order)

    Accept payments over the phone.

  • ОСТ (Original Credit Transactions)

    Make disbursements to payment cards quickly and easily.

  • Recurring payments

    Accept regular subscription-style payments.

Receive money instantly

Average transaction takes less then a second

Reliability to be trusted

99,98% successful transactions according to SLA

Integration made without unnecessary hassle

13 modules for different engines

Do not waste your time and effort

Tech support on integration available

Use free reservation of funds

7 days — maximum term for DNS transaction funds reservation

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