Receive money in seconds

Receive money in seconds

As soon as a customer has paid for your products or services on the website, you receive your funds instantly and can use them immediately without waiting for a payment.

Forget the chargebacks

Forget the chargebacks

You get paid by bank transfer – no more arbitrage, no more chargeback fees and no more limits on the number of chargebacks.

Geography of payments

European country*

*the list of countries is expanding


of countries whose gaming licence we accept*

*EEA countries, Curaçao, Canada and others

from 1 day

for API integration

Expand your area of influence

Expand your area of influence

Accept payments from European countries: Over 500 banks from more than 20 European countries are currently connected to the payment solution via API, but the geography of payments is expanding day by day.

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Reduce efforts

Reduce efforts

We do not ask for a deposit or rollover reserve of 10% for six months. We simply plug in a payment solution.

Do you want to accept payments on site and receive money instantly?
Open an account and connect our payment solution via API!
  • Use different accounts

    Open a current account for the company, a client funds account and an account for incoming C2B payments.

  • Earn faster and more

    The payment conversion rate with our solution is 97%, and the money is credited to your account instantly thanks to SEPA Instant European Payment System.

  • Be customer-friendly

    The customer doesn’t have to enter card details and worry about data security – it’s a quick process for them and instant credit for you. In addition, the payment solution is designed with UX in mind: we have an intuitive interface that encourages the customer to make a purchase.

Automate payments

Automate payments

API integration is the ability to make all transactions with templates, payments and statements automatic. Simplify the life of your accounting department and save time.

Use the card for business

Use the card for business

Mastercard Bilderlings Business is a 24×7 access to company funds anywhere in the world.


Passing of payments up to

Payments are credited to your account instantly

For API integration from 1 day

Resolve issues quickly

Resolve issues quickly

A personal manager who understands the details of your business, is always in touch and ready to help you.

Open Banking API request form

Why such a high conversion rate?

Because it’s convenient for customers! You don’t have to enter your card details manually – just press the ‘instant payment’ button, choose your European bank from the list, log in and pay. The process takes the same amount of time as paying by card, but is much easier – you just have to make a few clicks. It’s a UX solution that focuses on being as user-friendly as possible.

Why are there no chargebacks?

This is because the client is making a wire transfer, and wire transfers do not have any chargebacks as a class. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the client may request a refund, so you should ensure that you provide your services or goods in good faith so that the client has no incentive to do so.

What is the geography of payments?

As of today, the payment solution can accept payments from customers in 21 European countries, including:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

But the list is growing!

How many banks are connected to the system?

The payment solution partners include more than 3,000 European banks, and the number is growing every day.

What currency can I accept payment in?


Do you work with licensed businesses?

Yes. We connect the payment solution to companies whose licences have been issued in the UK, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man and other jurisdictions. For more details, please contact us.

What about commissions?

Our commissions range from 2.5 to 4%, depending on the company’s turnover.

How do I activate the payment solution?

First you need to open a Bilderlings current account for the company. Then all you have to do is tell your manager that you want to connect the payment solution, e.g. by writing an order (in the “Orders” section of your personal account). Our technical support then sends you the API integration key and everything happens.

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How long does the API integration take?

From 1 working day, provided you already have a business account with Bilderlings.

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How do I open a current account for a company?
  1. Register online and get access to a restricted account.
  2. Complete the online onboarding – complete the questionnaire by answering questions about your business and providing the necessary documents. The information we will need depends on the type of business, business area, jurisdiction etc.
  3. Wait while we verify your details and you will get full access to your current account. It usually takes 1-2 working days to review the documents.

Contact us if you have any questions! You are not serviced by chatbots, but by real people who know what they are doing.

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Is it the Open Banking API?

Yes! Thanks to the open banking concept, we can connect to virtually any European bank via API – it’s one entry point for thousands of financial institutions.

What is Open Banking?

Open banking is a modern technology that allows banks and other financial systems to interact with third-party applications. The idea of open banking provides an opportunity to connect financial services with other services and make it easier for the customer to access them. This ‘linking’ of banking and other services takes place through APIs.

What is an API and specifically an Open Banking API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a technology that allows completely different programmes and systems to come together and “communicate”. In other words, an API is a communication tool for programmes.

Open Banking APIs are APIs for open banking, i.e. technologies that allow banks and financial institutions to connect and interact with other systems.

How is Open Banking convenient and useful for business?

This is not just new technology, but essentially a new business model. We are already used to digital banking, bank in your phone, one-click accounting reports. Open banking gives businesses growth through convenience, accessibility and saving time: barriers become fewer, timelines are shorter, there is time and a basis for opportunities. Thanks to the Open Banking API, services can perform as many functions as they never could before.

How is Open Banking regulated?

Open banking is regulated and supported by the EU’s Second Payment Directive (PSD2), which came into force in 2018. Regulators recognised that the proliferation of open APIs and the development of open banking creates fairer and healthier competition in the market and more transparent rules for consumers of services.

The directive obliges banks to grant API access to customer accounts to any entity that has received consent from the customer. At the same time, regulators control customer security – there are now stricter rules on customer authentication.

Sell services and goods online?

Open an account and connect the payment solution via API!