Bilderlings account
Remote account opening, 19 currencies for payments, Cross border payments/SEPA, limits conforming to the business.
Mastercard Bilderlings
Payment card for you and your business. Convenient to use all over the world.
Vitual card

Vitual card

Order your virtual card and start using it immediately! No need to wait for a physical card to arrive.

Contactless payment card

Contactless payment card

Paying with a card has become more convenient and faster. Pay for purchases without entering a PIN code, by simply holding the card closer to the terminal.

Convenient to use when travelling
Card for business and personal use.
Purchases without commission

Purchases without commission

Pay for goods and services anywhere in the world without additional fees.

Secure online payments

Secure online payments

Don’t worry about money on your card. Use two-factor authentication to confirm online transactions.

Additional security

Additional security

The cardholder name and card number are put on the back of the card to protect your privacy even more.

Order your card — 50 €
Maintenance — 10€ /per month
Mail delivery — free
By courier — 25€
Cash withdrawal — 2%, min. 2,5 €
Currency conversion – 3%

Other products of Bilderlings

Open an IBAN account: minimal bureaucracy, convenient mobile app.

SEPA/SEPA Instant, cross border payments, CHAPS, FPS payments. Currency exchange for 19 currencies at a favorable market rate.

Do you need a card to pay for corporate expenses?

Remote account opening and simple payment card order procedure

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