Pay with Apple/Google Pay and earn cashback

Pay with Apple/Google Pay and earn cashback

Discover the joy of effortless payments with Google/Apple Pay and earn cashback in EUR on every purchase. The more you spend, the more you earn! 

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Get Virtual card for your Business for free!

Get Virtual card for your Business for free!

Your benefits of Virtual card:

  • Instant access and activation
  • No plastic, no wallet, no PIN code
  • Use card like a disposable and reduce fraud risks
How to order your Virtual card
Mastercard Bilderlings
1. Click “Order card” in the Cards section
Mastercard Bilderlings
2. Choose Virtual card type and fill in the necessary fields
Mastercard Bilderlings
3. Confirm you have read our Terms and Conditions and click Continue
Boost your team with Bilderlings business card

Boost your team with Bilderlings business card

Order a business card for yourself and your team by connecting it to the company’s main balance or to a separate account. A corporate card gives you more freedom of action and makes life easier for your accounting department.

Manage money around the clock

Withdraw cash and pay for goods and services whenever your business needs it.

Pay business expenses
Speed up processes
Simplify business trips
Reduce expenses
Keep everything under control

Keep everything under control

Track your employees’ spending in your personal cabinet: you have the full history of transactions on your screen. 

Virtual and plastic

Virtual and plastic

Choose one or use both. Elegant contactless plastic card to withdraw cash and pay in stores, virtual – for safe online shopping.

Want to empower your team? Get a business card for your company’s leaders.
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  • Mastercard Bilderlings
    Confirm all online purchases using two factors

  • Mastercard Bilderlings
    Set payment limits. Receive a push notification of all expenses

  • Mastercard Bilderlings
    Be sure: the fraud detection system monitors all suspicious transactions with Bildelrings Mastercard

  • Mastercard Bilderlings
    Keep your data safe: the plastic cardholder's name and number are on the back, away from prying eyes.

Design with meaning

Design with meaning

Business is all about knowing how to make the right impression. That’s why in the Mastercard Bilderlings Business card design all the details work for reputation, adding transparency, modernity and ambition.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Mastercard Bilderlings Business regularly participates in charity projects, supporting the environment and unprotected groups of society. Find out about current campaigns in your personal cabinet!

One click, no call centers

One click, no call centers

Block, freeze, change the phone number for sms confirmations, as well as view or change the pin code can be done in your personal cabinet. No more stress over forgotten pin codes!

Comfort and technology

Comfort and technology

Mobile application and convenient personal cabinet allows you to quickly solve all the most important tasks with the payment card: check the pin-code, view virtual card data, freeze for a while, block, order a new one – all this takes no more than a minute and only takes a couple of clicks.  

Other products of Bilderlings

Open an IBAN account: minimal bureaucracy, convenient mobile app.

SEPA/SEPA Instant, cross border payments, CHAPS, FPS payments. Currency exchange for popular currencies at a favorable market rate.

How quickly will I get my card?

It takes three working days to manufacture a plastic card, and the rest is shipping. So the final time to receive the card depends on where the recipient is and how the card is delivered – delivery outside the European Union takes longer than within the EU.


There is no need to wait for the virtual card – it is available in your personal cabinet immediately after your order is processed.

How much does shipping cost?

Cards are delivered in two ways: by courier and by mail. Postal delivery is free, courier delivery depends on the destination – within the EU 25 euros, in the CIS – 70 euros.

What are the cash withdrawal limits for businesses?

With the Mastercard Bilderlings Business you can withdraw no more than 3,000 euros at a time, no more than 10,000 euros during the day, and no more than 30,000 euros during the month.


If you need to change the limits (in any direction), you need to write a free-form order in your personal cabinet (section “Requests”).

How many cards can I open on my company account?

As many as you like. You can order a card for any employee, and you can connect it to the company’s main account, or you can open a separate one – it will also be your legal entity’s account.


For example, you need one card for the beneficiary to be able to fully dispose of the entire balance of the company: then, when ordering the card, you choose the main account of the company. 


And at the same time you need a card for corporate expenses of one employee – then choose a new account and fund it from the main account. This, among other things, allows you to control the employee’s spending.

Virtual, plastic, Apple Pay and Google Pay – what's the difference?

With a plastic card, you can withdraw cash, pay in stores, and pay online. It is a universal tool with two “buts”: you can lose your plastic card and have to wait a few days for a new one to be made and sent.


The virtual card exists only online: it cannot be used at an ATM or in an offline store. It’s basically just data (card number, expiration date, CVC) that you use when you make a payment.


It’s the perfect tool for online shopping – you’ll never lose this card, it will never fall into the hands of malicious parties. In addition, if you suddenly paid with it on a suspicious site and are worried about the safety of the data, you can quickly block the card and get a new one: unlike plastic cards, you do not have to wait for its issue and delivery. 


Mobile Wallet: Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies allow you to connect both plastic and virtual cards to your gadget! It’s not just a way to pay at the checkout with your watch or phone; in fact, the mobile wallet extends the capabilities of a virtual card – making purchases in regular offline stores available.   

What currency is the card in and how does conversion work?

Currency: at the moment cards are only in euros.

Conversion: you can pay with the card in any country where Mastercard works, the conversion is done automatically at the Mastercard exchange rate without additional surcharges.

Conversion fee – 3%, if the currency of the card is different from the currency of the transaction.


NB If you are not in the eurozone and withdraw money in a currency other than the local currency (for example, cashing out euros in Switzerland), some ATMs may charge an additional fee. 


By law they have to inform you about this before you confirm the transaction. 

What is the fee for cash withdrawal?

When withdrawing cash in the card currency (euros), you pay only the fee of Bilderlings: it is 2% (minimum – 2.5 euros).

Do you need a card to pay for corporate expenses?

Remote account opening and simple payment card order procedure