Stay safe
  • Anti-fraud system

    Stay sure any suspicious activity is detected and prevented by risk monitoring system.

  • Virtual cards for additional security

    Stay protected with virtual cards – use them for online purchases.

  • Physical card privacy

    Stay secured – the cardholder name and card number are put on the back of the card to protect your privacy even more.

Secure, convenient, smart
For everyday spending and business purchases
Stay in control

Stay in control

  • Get instant notifications the moment you pay;
  • Freeze your card and unfreeze if it turns out you did not lose it;
  • Set individual spending and cash withdrawal limits for your team.
Spend abroad like at home

Spend abroad like at home

  • Pay for goods and services anywhere in the world without additional fees;
  • Withdraw cash around the world with no hidden fees;
  • Use excellent exchange rate for 19 currencies.
Stay secure

Stay secure

  • Secure your payment with two-factor authentication to confirm online transactions;
  • Our card technical support is available 24/7 to block your card and keep your money safe;
  • Set up your own PIN in the Personal panel.
Stay rewarded

Stay rewarded

  • Get rewarded with the latest seasonal offers (coming soon);
  • Engage in social campaigns and contribute to the well-being;
  • Help restore our planet’s forests (read more).

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