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How we protect you

  • Anti-fraud system

Stay sure any suspected activity is detected and prevented by the risk monitoring system. 

  • Real-time notifications

Every time you spend with your card, you get instant notifications in the app. You also have email notifications on outgoing and incoming payments. 

  • Safe online card purchases

For additional security, you can use a virtual card for online purchases, transferring only the amount necessary for the purchase to your account.

  • Secure transactions

We use two factor authentication to protect your account and transactions.

  • Data protection

We’re committed to keeping your personal data safe. All personal data processing systems by design fully comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK GDPR. 

  • Physical card privacy

The cardholder name and card number are put on the back of the card to protect your privacy even more.

  • 24/7 technical card support

In case of loss or theft of a payment card, you can contact our technical support by phone +44 20 80 89 69 68 and block the card. Or block the card on your own in the Personal Panel or application.

  • Application login security

We use biometrics (fingerprint or Face ID) to sign in to the app.

  • Segregated accounts

According to the requirements of the regulator, the client’s funds are held in separate accounts from the company’s funds and are not used in Bilderlings turnover.

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