Invoice in a Second!

E-invoicing allows you to generate an invoice online, send it to your customer, and receive payment within seconds. After receiving the invoice via e-mail or SMS, they simply click «Pay» to enter card data. You will receive a payment confirmation instantly.

For Small and Medium Businesses

Goods and service vendors
Private service providers
Sellers of handmade goods
Designers and artists
Beauty industry specialists
Telecom providers
Coaches and tutors
Other entrepreneurs
No extra meetings
We can conclude an agreement integrate our solution remotely. Save time for meetings that really count
All services in a single browser window
Bilderlings goes beyond acquiring – with a current account and e-commerce solutions available within one system
Fast onboarding
85% of our clients are onboarded in less than 7 days.

Speed up payments and improve conversions

All a customer needs to do is click the pay button and input their details – no website or store registration needed. With such simple procedure, more customers will be able to pay on the spot.

Speak their language

Bilderlings Invoicing allows you to issue an invoice in any language your customer prefers, including English, German, Latvian, or Russian. We can always expand this list based on your needs.

Keep track of debtors

Bilderlings Invoicing is the only e-invoicing service in the Baltics that calculates late fees and updates the amount payable. Our system of reminders and late payments will warn them about current payables.

Streamline your accounting

Keep track of invoices and received payments, download as PDF, and ask payers for additional information by adding extra fields to your invoice.

Automatic recurring payments

Create subscriptions that will automatically send invoices to customer at specific intervals. A wonderful feature for monthly service fees or periodicals, rental establishments and gyms.

Connect several businesses or users

Our user-friendly interface enables the management of multiple companies from a single user account; you can also specify key staff at your company as distinct users with access to the account.

Issue identity-branded invoices

Adapt your invoices and payment page based on your corporate identity: familiar colours and styles will boost payer confidence and readiness to pay.
  • 1

    Get registered – fast!

    Sign up
  • 2

    Upload documents and sign the agreement

  • 3

    Set up your payment page


You only pay monthly invoicing fees and transaction fees.

  • Basic

    • Unlimited invoices yes
    • Subscriptions yes
    • SMS-notifications yes
    • Custom payment page design yes
    • Custom invoice design yes
    • Invoices overdue fee yes
    • Access to API yes


  • Premium

    • Unlimited invoices yes
    • Subscriptions yes
    • SMS-notifications 300
    • Custom payment page design 50 €
    • Custom invoice design 50 €
    • Invoices overdue fee yes
    • Access to API yes

    15 € /MONTH

  • Ultimate

    • Unlimited invoices yes
    • Subscriptions yes
    • SMS-notifications
    • Custom payment page design 0 €
    • Custom invoice design 0 €
    • Invoices overdue fee yes
    • Access to API yes

    50 € /MONTH


Check your card acquiring fees

This information is provided for reference only: actual rates are set on a case-by-case basis

Your line of business

Your customers (cardholders)

EU client
Non-EU client

Monthly turnover

Your rate starts

at Connection fee – 200 €

Receive payment faster

After our brief registration process, you can use invoicing and many other Bilderlings services.