Is my money safe?

Yes! All client funds are stored in segregated accounts in european banks. Bilderlings is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and safeguards funds as per FCA requirements, the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, and the Payment Services Regulations 2017. In case of insolvency, you will be able to return your funds in full.

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    • Registration
    • How to register?
    • To register, you need to fill in an online form and upload documents. It will take about 10 minutes.

      After you answer several questions, our team will examine your application and may request additional documents. The registration process usually takes about 2 business days.

    • Which industries are not supported?
    • At present, Bilderlings Pay does not provide services for the following industries. This list is subject to change:

      • Adult-online live content, webcam, online streaming content and acts of offensive adult content
      • Adult advertising
      • Child Pornography
      • Bestiality
      • Rape/Hate/Violence
      • Weapons and Firearms
      • Uncoded Gambling
      • Replica/Copyright infringement
      • Tobacco
      • Escort/Massage Parlors
      • Continuity Suppliers offering memberships or other services that require a negative response from the Customer to avoid automatic renewal, or Suppliers offering services that extend beyond 1 year in length.
      • Direct marketers, who offer sales-incentive-based programs that rely on “breakage” to earn a profit (“breakage” is defined as services paid for by the Customer but never used)
      • multilevel marketing schemes or Suppliers engaged in the practice of “up supplying”.
      • Grey market suppliers that are taking advantage of cross-border trading loopholes in national laws (where domestically the activity is legacy grey).
      • Outbound Telemarketing / Inbound Telemarketing/ Phone Solicitation Merchants.
      • Reverse Auctions
      • Raffles and Prize Draws
      • Services and/or products that require pyramid-type schemes for distribution
      • Services which may provide peripheral support of illegal activities for business.
    • To which countries/regions Bilderlings Pay does not provide services?
    • Afghanistan
      American Samoa
      Democratic Republic of Congo
      Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea
      Iran, Islamic Republic of
      Palestinian Territory
      Samoa (Western Samoa)
      South Sudan
      Sri Lanka
      Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
      Trinidad and Tobago
      Virgin Islands (United States)
    • Additional information for onboarding
    • To open an account for an individual, we need the following documents:

      • scan of the passport and video selfie with a passport (30 seconds, look at the camera, show the passport and say your name and last name);
      • utility bill not older than three months;
      • personal account statement for the last six months;
      • completed application form.

      To open an account for a legal entity, we need the following documents:

      • passports of the beneficial owner/director and selfie with this document;
      • business documentation (contracts, invoices with the main partners for entry and exit specified in the questionnaire);
      • information about the source of funds of the beneficiary – an extract from their personal account or a statement of income or other income confirming document;
      • account statement from the bank where the company was previously serviced (for six months);
      • utility bill of the beneficial owner/directors in English, not older than three months.
    • Requirements for beneficial owners and directors.
    • To open an account with Bilderlings you need to provide and confirm information about directors, shareholders, beneficiaries. This is in line with the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, which is about verifying the identity of a company’s customers.

      You will also need to provide information about the structure of the company and indicate the persons/organizations that directly or indirectly own shares in your business. To confirm this information, you can provide extracts from the register and documents proving the identity of shareholders.

      In addition to verifying the identity of shareholders, it is also necessary to confirm the personal and contact details of all current directors of the company.

    • What is online verification?
    • Online verification is a way to upload documents in response to our questions in order to get you connected to our services. We have optimised this process so that only the minimum information is requested, depending on the type of service, your country of residence, and various other factors.
    • Why is online verification necessary?
    • First of all, this is an excellent way to get connected to any of our services online, without paying a single visit to our office. The online verification process also ensures that we are compliant with financial regulators’ requirements (KYC), boosts the security of our systems, and defends you against potential fraud.
    • How does verification of legal entities take place?
    • The exact list of documents will depend on the type of company and the service requested, but the package we request generally consists of:

      • passports of the beneficial owner/director and selfie with this document;
      • business documentation (contracts, invoices with the main partners for entry and exit specified in the questionnaire);
      • information about the source of funds of the beneficiary – an extract from their personal account or a statement of income or other income confirming document;
      • account statement from the bank where the company was previously serviced (for six months);
      • utility bill of the beneficial owner/directors in English, not older than three months.
    • How does verification of individuals take place?
    • To open a current account, you only have to answer several questions about the account opening purpose, and upload copies of your passport (EU citizens may upload their ID cards instead) and a document confirming your actual residence address. If planned turnover on a current account exceeds 30 thousand euros per year, we may ask you for additional documents.
    • Partnership program
    • Bilderlings has an extensive network of partners in Europe. Our partners include tax consultants, asset management companies, law and accounting companies, as well as specialists from other industries who want to provide their customers with modern payment solutions. All our partners have passed AML checks.

      If you want to become our partner, send us your request to the e-mail address with brief information about yourself and about the clients you want to introduce to us.

    • Current Account
    • How do I open a Bilderlings current account?
    • Bilderlings current account may be opened remotely. Simply follow our registration procedure, and we will guide you through all the necessary documentation you need to open an account.
    • How quickly is the account opened? From what does it depend?
    • The speed of opening an account depends on how quickly the client submits documents that fully corresponds to the requirements. On average, it takes 2 business day for legal entities to open a current account with Bilderlings.
    • Where can I find my details?
    • Details are available in your personal cabinet in the "Details" section. You need to choose currency and payment type. Then you will be able to download your details in pdf format.
    • I do not receive SMS with a code to access my personal cabinet. What shall I do?
    • If you have not received an SMS with a confirmation code within 5 minutes, then request a second SMS by clicking on the "Resend code" button. Within a minute you should receive a message with a confirmation code.
    • Mastercard Bilderlings
    • Ordering a new card
    • To order a new payment card, please contact your personal manager, or fill out the form on the website, section “Bilderlings Mastercard”.
    • What are the delivery options and terms?
    • Card delivery is available in two ways:

      • Standard delivery (by post) — 5-12 business days
      • UPS Courier Service — 1-3 business days

      Please note that this is an approximate delivery time, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

    • How to activate my card?
    • When you receive the card, you will need to enter your personal cabinet in the “Payment cards” section and click on the “Activate card” button. The system will ask you to enter the last 6 digits of the number on the card. Once you do this, your card will become active.
    • How to replenish your card account?
    • There are the following ways to replenish the card’s balance:

      • Transfer funds from another Bilderlings account in your personal cabinet;
      • Transfer funds from an account with a third-party bank.
    • How many payment cards can I have?
    • The number of cards is not limited.
    • How can I block my card?
    • You can block the card in your personal cabinet, or by calling Bilderlings technical support: +44 2080 6853 42.
    • How can I change the card limits?
    • To change the limits, you need to write a request in your personal cabinet or contact your personal manager.
    • Fees
    • Card fees are available on the website, section Prices.

    • Processing
    • How long does the integration take, and what does it depend on?
    • The acquirer bank, Bilderlings and the client take part in the integration. Preparation and sharing of the document package, bank compliance and signing of a contract take different times and depend on the intensity of document correspondence between parties. The average time required for merchant integration is around 2 weeks.
    • How to open a merchant account?
    • Opening a merchant account is just three steps.

      • Register online: just enter your email address and phone number.
      • Fill out the form that you will receive immediately after registration.
      • Submit all required documents. The package of documents depends on the type, structure and jurisdiction of the business.
    • How much time does it take funds to reach my bank account after a transaction was made?
    • Depending on your business needs, Bilderlings will transfer funds once a month, once a week, every working day. For every transaction merchant will receive instant notification to his Personal Dashboard.
    • What currencies does Bilderlings work with?
    • Our customers can accept 24 currencies for payments (USD, RUB, AUD, EUR, GBP, CNY, CZK, HKD, HR, HUF, PLN, RON, RSD, SGD, KZT, BYR, DKK, CAD, CHF, DKK, JPY, NOK, SEK, TRY).
    • Is it necessary to open a new bank account to receive payments via Bilderlings?
    • It is only necessary if your business involves PSP and deals with payment aggregation.
    • How soon will buyers receive refunds if they cancel purchase?
    • This depends primarily on their issuing bank’s refunding policy – buyers usually receive refunds within one week, but no more than 30 days in any case.
    • Do you impose chargeback penalties?
    • Yes, we collect €35-50 per chargeback.
    • Can a transaction be cancelled?
    • Yes, within 24 hours after the transaction is made. Otherwise it is possible to use a refund function.
    • Can a refund be cancelled?
    • Yes, within 24 hours after the refund is made. To cancel a refund, please contact your account manager at Bilderlings.
    • Do you impose refund fees?
    • Usually we do not apply a refund fee. All fees will be agreed in the contract.
    • Do you impose payment limits?
    • Limits are set individually, depending on our merchant risk assessment and clients business needs.
    • What is 3D Secure?
    • 3D Secure (abbreviated from Three-Domain Secure) technology is a unique system for securing online purchases of goods and services. It is implemented in the worldwide systems Masterсard® SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa. These solutions increase online shopping security by incorporating customer identification.
    • What is PCI DSS?
    • We are PCI DSS level 1 certified to provide maximum data security for payment transactions. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which is a body formed by international payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard. In other words, a PCI DSS certificate confirms that a company processing Visa/MC card payment data meets substantial security requirements.
    • Does the Private Dashboard allow cancellations or refunds?
    • Yes the Private Dashboard provides the Refund feature. A refund may not exceed the amount of the relevant purchase. A Refund may be made more than once, but the total must still not exceed the purchase amount. For instance, if someone bought goods for 100 euros, the merchant might refund them in three operations worth 30, 30 and 40 euros respectively.
    • How are funds paid out to the merchant?
    • Payouts are available to any merchant bank account. If the merchant opens a current account with their Bilderlings wallet, we can pay out to this account as well.
    • How often are funds paid out to merchants?
    • We have a minimum amount above which funds will be paid out. The amount is specified on a case-by-case basis. Payouts take between 1 day and 2 weeks, depending on the merchant risk score.
    • Could I accept, store, transmit or process cardholder data on my website?
    • Yes. Organisations can accept, store, transmit or process cardholder data on their websites, but they must comply with the PCI DSS standards requirements.
    • Where can I find a Bilderlings, Mastercard and Visa logo to display on my website?
    • The Bilderlings, Mastercard and Visa logo can be downloaded here:
    • Fees
    • Fees at Bilderlings
    • Basic fees are available on Bilderlings website, section Pricing. Please note that fees may vary, depending on the type of companies.
    • How is the commission for the storage of funds calculated? (Fee for holding funds on a Current Account (annual interest rate))
    • Every evening, the balance on the client’s account is registered, at the end of the month the average balance is calculated and 0.5% per annum is subtracted from it.
    • Transfers
    • How to check that a payment has been executed?
    • To check whether your payment has been executed, go to the “Recent Payments” section in your personal cabinet and the payment status will be visible next to each payment.
    • What is the difference between express payment and standard payment?
      • Standard payment is accepted until 13.00, is executed within 2 days (the payment due date may vary since it depends not only on Bilderlings, but also on the receiving bank or intermediary bank).
      • Express payment is accepted until 14.00, execution within 2 hours.

      You can find the applicable payment commissions in the “Prices” section of the Bilderlings homepage.

    • How to cancel a payment?
    • To cancel a payment, you need to enter your personal cabinet in the “Orders” section and select “Cancel payment”, then you will need to enter all necessary information about payment and click the button “Send request”.
    • During what period of time the just sent payment can be cancelled?
    • Payment can be canceled while it is in the status of “pending” – ready to be sent; this is done without any commission. If the payment is already being processed by the bank, then it is better to check with the manager about the cancellation because maybe it is already in the package and cancellation may incur an additional commission from our partner. If the payment has already been executed, then we can send a request to the recipient bank to cancel it, but this request will be fee-based, due to the fact that intermediary banks will be involved. For our part, we guarantee that if the cancellation does not incur additional costs for us, then the payment will be canceled free of charge.
    • What information should be indicated in the purpose of the payment?
    • When you make a payment please indicate the following information in “payment details” field

      • the exact and full name of the product or service;
      • the number and/or date of the transaction confirming document;
      • the purpose of the payment must be written in English;

      NB! The payment details field information is obligatory and in case if the details are not indicated, transaction will be cancelled

      The correct input of this data significantly increases the execution of payments through the network of correspondent banks and, as a result, affects the speed of your business processes.

    • How long is the international / European payment executed?
    • An express payment is processed during business hours within an hour if all the requirements for processing a payment order are met. Payments are executed on the same day, SEPA till 16.45, SWIFT till 14.00 / 15.00 / 16.00, depending on the currency of payment and the country of the beneficiary's bank, as the most convenient payment route depends on it. In order for the payment to be executed, it is necessary to correctly fulfill the requirements for processing the payment order (recipient’s address, document, on the basis of which the payment is made, and a description of what the payment is made for), the more inaccurate and abstract the description, the longer the payment processing time by our partners.
    • Why is my payment rejected?
    • Payment can be returned for a number of reasons, in case of incorrect details, due to the internal policy of the intermediary bank or one more reason could be, if there is partial/uncompleted information about the payment. Information about return reasons will be indicated in the payment details field. If there is insufficient information about the return, you should contact your personal manager.
    • I sent the payment, but the recipient claims that the money has not come. What to do?
    • In this case, you need to submit a request for the payment search. If the money was successfully sent to the recipient, you will be given a confirmation document.
    • Where is my payment?
    • If, after making a payment, you don’t see it in the “payments” section or in the account statement, while the balance of money in your account has not decreased, the payment most likely was not executed.
    • What symbols and what language can be used for filling in the payment form?
    • Only Latin letters and some other characters must be used. Allowed characters:
      a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 / - : ( ) . ,? ' +

    • How to make a payment in another currency? Is it necessary to pre-convert the currency?
    • Currency is converted automatically. We offer a profitable interbank exchange rate for converting in 21 currencies. Please note that a conversion fee of 0.5% of the amount is charged. You can learn the exchange rates from your personal manager.

    • What are the limits?
    • We do not have fixed limits for each client. Flexible limits are limited only by the type of economic activity and provided explanatory documents. All limits are in accordance with business.
    • Security
    • Is my money safe?
    • Yes! All client funds are stored in segregated accounts in european banks. Bilderlings is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and safeguards funds as per FCA requirements, the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, and the Payment Services Regulations 2017. In case of insolvency, you will be able to return your funds in full.
    • Is my personal data protected?
    • Yes. Bilderlings uses reliable and proven technology from leading business and IT security service providers. For example, the company uses Google Data Centers which periodically undergo IT security audits, confirmed by certificates. All information is encrypted in accordance with the latest technological requirements and security standards for data storage and transfer. In addition, the company has procedures for restricting access rights on the principle of “least privileges”, and the storage of personal data in a disguised form.
    • What data do I need to provide in order to start using Bilderlings services?
    • To open an account for an individual, we need the following documents:

      • scan of the passport and selfie with a passport
      • Utility bills
      • Account statement

      To open an account for a legal entity, we need the following documents:

      • Company representative’s ID;
      • Completed application form;
      • Business information about the company;
      • Information on authorized persons, directors, shareholders, beneficiaries;
      • Corporate documents;
      • Passport and other documents of the company’s managers.

    • How long will Bilderlings keep my data?
    • Bilderlings does not store Personal Data for longer than is necessary for the use or provision of services, or for the purpose or purposes for which this information was collected. For example, Bilderlings will store personal data while you use the company’s services. In case of termination of obligations with a client, after 30 days provided for the return of customer’s data, the customer’s data will be stored in an inactive state for up to 90 days, after which the data is deleted or eliminated in a proper way, without the possibility of recovery. However, this does not apply to data that is required by law to store for a longer period. As an example, the Law on counteraction to the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime requires that data on clients be kept in archives for at least 5 years.
    • What is PCI DSS?
    • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a standard developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, established by the international payment systems Visa, MasterCard and others. In other words, the PCI DSS certificate is the main document certifying data security for companies, processing payments with Visa / MC cards.
    • About us
    • What is Bilderlings?
    • Bilderlings — a fintech platform that offers all types of innovative banking services: processing of online payments, a current account for individuals and legal entities, payment cards, internet acquiring, as well as business financing and private banking services.
    • How is Bilderlings better than traditional banks?
    • Speed. With less bureaucracy, all our processes are faster than in banks, including transactions.

      High level of service. Bilderlings offers personalized services for each client at the level of private banking. There is no chatbot or another faceless call center employee, but a personal manager, who works closely with you to understand your ultimate financial needs.

      Convenience. Registration, completion of the questionnaire and document submission are carried out remotely.

      Diversification of funds. Unlike banks, Bilderlings doesn't use customer funds to issue loans or operate the company's business.

    • How is Bilderlings better than other payment companies?
    • Limits are set based on the business. They are flexible and restricted only by the type of economic activities. Everything is set out in the explanatory documentation. Unlike other payment companies, we don't have fixed limits for each client.

      An account with an individual IBAN number (for accounts in EUR and GBP). You can directly send and receive payments in GBP and EUR. Payments from your partners are credited to your account, not to the account of the payment company.

      Personal manager. Unlike other fintech companies, you are serviced by a thoughtful personal manager, who knows very well the ins and outs of your business and the world of finance.

    • What services does Bilderlings provide?
    • Bilderlings provides the most popular banking services – account opening, international payments, payment cards, internet acquiring.
    • What forms of companies does Bilderlings support?
    • All European institutional-legal forms of companies, as well as certain offshore companies that file financial reports.

      If you are in doubt, your company meets our requirements, contact us and we definitely will find the solution for you!

    • Miscellaneous
    • Where can I find the Bilderlings logo for posting on the site?
    • The Bilderlings, Mastercard and Visa logos can be downloaded here:
    • Work with the personal cabinet
    • User guide