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How to protect yourself from phishing scams?

Phishing is a type of online fraud. The goal of a phishing scam is to trick you into handing over your account details, including your password, pin, card number, confirm payments and so on. Fraudsters will almost always approach you with an unsolicited message – usually by email, saying that there’s a problem with your account. 

What should you do?

  • Always make sure you are on site.

Fraudsters create copies of our site to get your email and password. 

  • Don’t click on links from unexpected emails or SMS

These login pages look similar to the real site but the link may have slight spelling differences and lead to a fake copy. The best way to protect yourself is to bookmark in your browser and only access our website through it.

  • Do not confirm multiple actions in a row

Sometimes fraudsters try to replace your smartphone with their own in order to confirm the actions – as a rule, the login request comes first, then the request to change the device.

  • Do not confirm device change unless you initiated it

Under various pretexts, a fake site may ask you to confirm actions or enter a code from SMS – let us know if you have any suspicions.

  • Never reveal your app PIN, card PIN, login password 

If someone claiming to be from Bilderlings asks for any PINs or passwords, take a screenshot and report them to your account manager. We never ask for your credentials. Do not share your login details with third parties. 

  • Communicate with your account manager in Personal Panel

Scammers can get access to your personal emails, so to be sure that we are communicating with you, all your requests to your account manager should take place in your Personal Panel.

  • Freeze your card if lost or stolen

As soon as you discover the loss of your payment card, you can freeze it in the app or call our support center +44 20 80 89 69 68.

  • Change your password regularly

Change your password on a regular basis as protecting your data starts with securing passwords. Do not use the same password for several sites. Use strong passwords, including letters and digits.

  • Do not give access to your smartphone

Only you should have access to the smartphone with which you confirm the actions – login, transaction confirmations.

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