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Additional information for onboarding

To open an account for an individual, we need the following documents:

  • scan of the passport and video selfie with a passport (30 seconds, look at the camera, show the passport and say your name and last name);
  • utility bill not older than three months;
  • personal account statement for the last six months;
  • completed application form.

To open an account for a legal entity, we need the following documents:

  • passports of the beneficial owner/director and selfie with this document;
  • business documentation (contracts, invoices with the main partners for entry and exit specified in the questionnaire);
  • information about the source of funds of the beneficiary – an extract from their personal account or a statement of income or other income confirming document;
  • account statement from the bank where the company was previously serviced (for six months);
  • utility bill of the beneficial owner/directors in English, not older than three months.

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