About us

What is Bilderlings?

We are the first fintech platform in the Baltics to offer the full range of financial services and extras. As a platform combining finance and technology, Bilderlings provides many useful tools for business going beyond e-commerce – our primary area of expertise.

How long has Bilderlings been on the financial market?

The Bilderlings platform launched in 2015. Its creators leverage many years of banking sector experience to tailor products to the latest changes financial sector demand.

Why does Bilderlings offer so many different services?

Bilderlings is not defined by a single product or service – it is a platform where you choose a unique set of services your business actually needs.

What are your strengths?

Bilderlings focuses on the financial sector. Our know-how includes current accounts, e-commerce, payment processing, payment page integration with web services and marketing. The reputation risks are too high in the finance industry for us to offer poor-quality services. Therefore, we value responsibility and an earnest attitude of any project, even if it is a single reference webpage. Another major advantage in the eyes of clients is our people’s broad-based expertise: we can provide professional service in IT, design, SEO, marketing, PR, IT security, legal, and other important fields. By signing one contract with us, you can solve many issues.

Current account

How do I open a Bilderlings current account?

Bilderlings current account may be opened remotely. Simply follow our registration procedure, and we will guide you through all the necessary documentation you need to open an account.

How do I top the account up?

In the «Accounts» section, click the «Top up» button, select the type of payment (SEPA for local, or SWIFT for international). You will then see all the necessary data for the transfer of funds to your Bilderlings account below. Please do not forget to specify the details of your payment!


How long does the integration take, and what does it depend on?

The acquirer bank, Bilderlings and the client take part in the integration. Preparation and sharing of the document package, bank compliance and signing of a contract take different times and depend on the intensity of documental correspondence between parties. The average time required for merchant integration is around 2 weeks.

How much time does it take funds to reach my bank account after a transaction was made?

Bilderlings makes an instant transfer to the merchant’s bank account; hence most payments reach the bank account the same day or the next day in case of time zone differences. For specific types of high-risk businesses there are such instruments as security deposits and rolling reserve.

Which currencies are supported by Bilderlings?

Our clients can accept payments in 17 currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, PLN, RUB, SEK, SGD, TRY, USD).

Is it necessary to open a new bank account to receive payments via Bilderlings?

It is only necessary if your business involves PSP and deals with payment aggregation

How soon will buyers receive refunds if they cancel purchase?

This depends primarily on their issuing bank’s refunding policy – buyers usually receive refunds within one week, but no more than 30 days in any case. First of all, the merchant must refund the amount to their buyer in the Personal Dashboard or integrate the Refund function with its system. VISA or MC will receive a refund notification within seconds.

Do you impose chargeback penalties?

Yes, we collect €35-50 per chargeback.

Can a transaction be cancelled?

No, but the amount of a purchase can be refunded.

Do you impose refund fees?

No, there is no fee for executing a refund.

Do you impose payment limits?

Limits are set individually, depending on our merchant risk assessment.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (abbreviated from Three-Domain Secure) technology is a unique system for securing online purchases of goods and services. It is implemented in the worldwide systems MasterCard® SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa. These solutions increase online shopping security by incorporating customer identification.

Does the Private Dashboard allow cancellations or refunds?

Yes the Private Dashboard provides the Refund feature. A refund may not exceed the amount of the relevant purchase. A Refund may be made more than once, but the total must still not exceed the purchase amount. For instance, if someone bought goods for 100 euros, the merchant might refund them in three operations worth 30, 30 and 40 euros respectively.

How are funds paid out to the merchant?

Payouts are available to any merchant bank account. If the merchant opens a current account with their Bilderlings wallet, we can pay out to this account as well.

How often are funds paid out to merchants?

We have a minimum amount above which funds will be paid out. The amount is specified on a case-by-case basis. Payouts take between 1 day and 2 weeks, depending on the merchant risk score.


How safe are payments via the Bilderlings processing centre?

Utmost customer data security has been confirmed by successful PCI DSS audits since launch in 2015.

What is the PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which a body formed by international payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard. In other words, a PCI DSS certificate confirms that a company processing Visa/MC card payment data meets substantial security requirements.

User verification

What is online verification?

Online verification is a way to upload documents in response to our questions in order to get you connected to our services. We have optimised this process so that only the minimum information is requested, depending on the type of service, your country of residence, and various other factors.

Why is online verification necessary?

First of all, this is an excellent way to get connected to any of our services online, without paying a single visit to our office. The online verification process also ensures that we are compliant with financial regulators’ requirements (KYC), boosts the security of our systems, and defends you against potential fraud.

How does verification of legal entities take place?

The exact list of documents will depend on the type of company and the service requested, but the package we request generally consists of:
  • identifying the company’s representative;
  • a bare-bones questionnaire;
  • basic business information on the company;
  • data on authorised representatives, executives, shareholders, and beneficial owners;
  • corporate documentation;
  • passports and other documents on company management.

How does verification of individuals take place?

Of all Bilderlings services, individuals only have access to a current account. To open one, you only have to answer several questions about the account opening purpose, and upload copies of your passport (EU citizens may upload their ID cards instead) and a document confirming your actual residence address. If planned turnover on a current account exceeds 30 thousand euros per year, we may ask you for additional documents.