Requirements for the merchant website

Requirements for the merchant website
  • Merchant website must contain the following information
Logos of international payment systems in the original colours
  • Logos of payment systems (Visa, MasterCard) should be allocated on the merchant’s website. Logos must be the same size and placed at equal conditions with regard to other methods of payment. It should also contain the logo of Bilderlings Pay.
A detailed description of goods or services
  • The website should contain a detailed description of the offered goods or services (description of technical characteristics, size, photos, content, material, price, for the software-system requirements, for services-methods and terms of service). Goods and services on the site must fully comply with the goods and services specified in the Merchant questionnaire and the contract with the bank.
The price and currency of transactions
  • Merchant must indicate accurate information about prices and currency transactions for all goods and services provided to potential customers.
Merchant address, contact information
  • Full name of the Merchant
  • Legal and actual address of the company
  • Registration number of legal entity;
  • Contact telephone number and email address.
  • Company bank details
Name of the Merchant
  • The website of Merchant should contain the name that the client will be able to recognize in the credit card statement.
Terms of delivery of goods and refund should be effectuated the same way as the initial transaction.
  • The website should contain full information about the delivery of goods or services-timing, methods, conditions, and any other information necessary to obtain a clear understanding of the delivery of goods and services after payment by credit card. Export restrictions of delivery of goods, as well as restrictions on the provision of services (if any).Before making a purchase the client will have to confirm that he/she has read and accepted rulesand terms("click to accept"). Cancellation Policy should be communicated in full and should be placed onthe same page as “click to accept”.
Cancellation and return of goods or services
  • Description of procedure and conditions of the refund in case of cancellation of the order by the buyeror the exchange to the substitute goods.
Privacy Policy Personal Data (Privacy Policy)
  • The website should contain information about the conditions of protection and non-disclosure of personal data of card users, including the protection of card data (SSL encryption).
3D-Secure logo
  • Merchant that supports 3-D Secureshould place original (colour) logos Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode on the website.