Current account in euro for crypto businesses

Make money transfers anywhere in the world, accept payments and pay for services with Bilderlings current account.

Payments in 34 currencies, including USD and EUR

Make payments worldwide in 34 currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR.

Accounts with individual IBANs

Use an account with individual IBAN for SEPA payments.

Secure and convenient login procedure

Two-factor authentication for enhanced protection. Choose from: Google Authenticator, SMS or Email.

SWIFT and SEPA payments

Make money transfers in the eurozone and all over the world.

Direct payments in GBP

Directly exchange, send and receive money in pounds sterling.

Ability to open accounts remotely

Don't waste time visiting a branch: once you pass online verification, you can open an account remotely.

Current account in euro
Complete a simple registration and start using your current account.