Do you want to trade in cryptocurrency and earn in euros? It's easy with Bilderlings! You don't need to master all of the complexities of the world of cryptocurrencies. We'll do it for you.

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Just issue an invoice
Open a Bilderlings' current account, issue an invoice to a buyer in any popular cryptocurrency in two clicks, receive payments in euros to your current account. Save time by delegating to Bilderlings.

All popular cryptocurrencies

Issue an invoice after selecting any of the popular cryptocurrencies.


Two-factor authentication for additional security.

No branch visits necessary

We're able to integrate and sign agreements remotely. You don't have to spend time on in-person transactions.

Personal manager

Your personal manager is always available. Choose from multiple modes of communication and get help on any question.

Saving your time

You don't have to create a crypto wallet and be an expert in the cryptocurrencies market: just issue a standard invoice and choose a cryptocurrency for payments.

Experienced team

A team of specialists in the field of banking and talented IT professionals provides services to Europe's top crypto projects.

Do you want to accept a payment in cryptocurrency?
Complete a short registration and give your clients the opportunity to pay you in cryptocurrency.