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Build your cryptocurrency projects using Bilderlings financial technologies. Open a current account, use processing services and trade cryptocurrency.
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We know how hard it is to find a reliable partner for cryptocurrency projects. Most financial companies are forced to decline cooperating with crypto businesses: it is so much easier to say "no" than find a solution. Flexibility and readiness for innovation are generally not features of the financial industry.
We are ready for it! We see a revolution coming with the new currency and we want to develop the industry that will lead the future.
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Talented IT specialists and a team of professionals with a rich banking experience serve the best European crypto projects.
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Just like you, we aren't fans of bureaucracy. So we work hard to provide the fastest possible onboarding.
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Current account, cryptocurrency processing and other services — all within one platform.


Cryptocurrency services are provided by Estonian company CryptoBilderlings OÜ, which has all the necessary licenses for operations with cryptocurrencies.

License to provide virtual currency wallet services
License Number: FRK000489
Validity: 12.05.2018 – indefinite
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License to exchange virtual currencies to fiat currencies
License Number: FVR000576
Validity: 12.05.2018 – indefinite
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Risk warning

Investing in a virtual currency can be subject to security and scalability risks, as well as technological issues.
You should be aware of the risks involved and fully consider whether investing in cryptocurrency is appropriate for you.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is not issued or backed by a central bank or government. It can experience significant price volatility which, in combination with leverage, can place you at risk of suffering significant losses and potentially losing more than you have invested.

What are the risks?

There are many risks when investing in a virtual currency, including but not limited to such risks: price volatility; the legal status of cryptocurrency is uncertain and constantly evolving; the cryptocurrency service is unregulated in most parts of the world, cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to cyber attacks; cryptocurrencies (and the fiat currency used to buy/sell them) are held in custody by a third party; the cryptocurrency exchange may suspend or terminate their service at any time; the functioning of the cryptocurrency network is outside our control; and many other risks.

All clients wishing to invest in cryptocurrency should carefully read our Risk Warning.

Services are provided by partners

Cryptocurrency exchange services advertised in this Site are not provided by Bilderlings Pay Limited (Bilderlings), but a partner company — CryptoBilderlings OÜ, company registered in Estonia, Reg.No.14507493, crypto currency exchange and wallet service license No. FVR000576, who acts as a crypto currency broker.
More information about CryptoBilderlings OÜ.

Bilderlings acts only as an advertising and other service providing partner and is not responsible for agreements that you will conclude with any of Bilderlings partners.

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