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A current account always at your fingertips with our mobile app

Managing your funds and performing account operations has become easier than ever: Bilderlings clients can do it from their smartphones! Read more about the features this app provides, and see for yourself on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Easy access, quick payments 

The main feature of this app is the sending and receiving of transfers. To make a payment, just enter the amount, beneficiary details, and specify the transaction. Access the application on the go with your phone’s biometric ID via a fingerprint or facial scanner. 

Balance at a glance

Viewing your account balance is much faster with your mobile device – the available amount is displayed immediately and switching between accounts takes just two taps.

Multi-user access with role settings

The mobile app also supports segregated account access – indispensable for businesses maintaining different user roles and permissions for different staff. It takes the web version to set user roles, but all added users will be able to use the mobile app as indicated. 

Manage your Mastercard Bilderlings

Block, unblock, restore PIN or delete a card from your app, no calls or letters to our manager are required.

And so much more

Other options include account statements with filtering and PDF saving, payment templates, and a convenient way to download or forward account details.

We know that a great service must keep everything at hand and be intuitive. We currently support five languages, and our user interface is wonderfully user-friendly.

Creating a mobile app is a big step forward for a payment service. It makes banking faster, simpler, and more convenient, and showcases the advantages of fintech today, hinting at its future potential.

Download the Bilderlings mobile application on the AppStore or GooglePlay and tell us what you think by leaving a review!

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