Payment processing

Payment processing
  • All payments(transactions) are tied to the invoices. There can be multiple payment attempts (transactions) for every invoice, but only one transaction can be successful. That approach allow customer to perform multiple payment attempts (e.g. using different cards or in case he mistypes some number on card). There is no need from the merchant side to control/assist this process since all card data input is done on the BilderlingsPay side. Payment processing is done using the payment method described in the invoice.
 In all examples the request headers are similar:

    "X-Nonce": "UlF61D2OfTMV1d8Gph2s6FBEB",
    "X-Request-Signature": "28c528e34...cut...b06643a2",
    "X-Shop-Name": "TEST",
    "Content-Type": "application/json"