Code description

Code description
Code Description
000 Approved
001 Approved, honour with identification
100 Decline (general, no comments)
101 Decline, expired card
102 Decline, suspected fraud
103 Decline, card acceptor contact acquirer
104 Decline, restricted card
105 Decline, card acceptor call acquirer's security department
106 Decline, allowable PIN tries exceeded
107 Decline, refer to card issuer
108 Decline, refer to card issuer's special conditions
109 Decline, invalid merchant
110 Decline, invalid amount
111 Decline, invalid card number
112 Decline, PIN data required
113 Decline, unacceptable fee
114 Decline, no account of type requested
115 Decline, requested function not supported
116 Decline, not sufficient funds
117 Decline, incorrect PIN
118 Decline, no card record
119 Decline, transaction not permitted to cardholder
120 Decline, transaction not permitted to terminal
121 Decline, exceeds withdrawal amount limit
122 Decline, security violation
123 Decline, exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
124 Decline, violation of law
125 Decline, card not effective
126 Decline, invalid PIN block
127 Decline, PIN length error
128 Decline, PIN key synch error
129 Decline, suspected counterfeit card
198 Decline, call Card Processing Centre
197 Decline, call Amex
200 Pick-up (general, no comments)
201 Pick-up, expired card
202 Pick-up, suspected fraud
203 Pick-up, card acceptor contact card acquirer
204 Pick-up, restricted card
205 Pick-up, card acceptor call acquirer's security department
206 Pick-up, allowable PIN tries exceeded
207 Pick-up, special conditions
208 Pick-up, lost card
209 Pick-up, stolen card
210 Pick-up, suspected counterfeit card
400 Accepted (for reversal)
902 Decline reason message: invalid transaction
903 Status message: re-enter transaction
904 Decline reason message: format error
905 Decline reason message: acquirer not supported by switch
906 Decline reason message: cutover in process
907 Decline reason message: card issuer or switch inoperative
908 Decline reason message: transaction destination cannot be found for routing
909 Decline reason message: system malfunction
910 Decline reason message: card issuer signed off
911 Decline reason message: card issuer timed out
912 Decline reason message: card issuer unavailable
913 Decline reason message: duplicate transmission
914 Decline reason message: not able to trace back to original transaction
915 Decline reason message: reconciliation cutover or checkpoint error
916 Decline reason message: MAC incorrect
917 Decline reason message: MAC key sync error
918 Decline reason message: no communication keys available for use
919 Decline reason message: encryption key sync error
920 Decline reason message: security software/hardware error - try again
921 Decline reason message: security software/hardware error - no action
922 Decline reason message: message number out of sequence
923 Status message: request in progress
940 Decline, suspected fraud by FDL fraud monitoring
950 Decline reason message: violation of business arrangement