Level up your business

Level up your business

  • Get professional advice on how to grow your business from establishing an international business to obtaining financing and venture capital;
  • Grow your business with our curated service;
  • Do business with confidence – we have capabilities and resources to manage specialized business niches.
Manage your finances in one place

Manage your finances in one place

  • Multi-currency account with individual IBAN allows you to store and exchange funds at excellent exchange rates;
  • Send and receive international payments with clear and transparent fees without any pricing plans and limits;
  • Transfers between Bilderlings accounts are free and instant.

Stay in control of your spending with payment cards

  • Optimize your spend – issue cards to your team and track your expenses;
  • Manage, limit and capture receipts in one place;
  • Get virtual card for additional security for online card transactions.


Automate business processes

Automate business processes

  • Spend less time on admin and more focused on your business – open salary accounts for your employees and order payment cards;
  • Get individual tariffs and set up bulk payments;
  • Use free and instant internal payments.
Exchange money at excellent rates

Exchange money at excellent rates

  • Exchange currency in real-time with clear and transparent fees;
  • Anywhere, anytime – service available 24/7;
  • Store your funds in different currencies on the same account or create accounts for each currency.
Set rights for your team

Set rights for your team

  • Use multiple access to your business account;
  • Grant your team members differentiated rights;
  • Set rules for each user and control account activity.

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150M EUR Total Assets

6 years of successful operation on the fintech market

more than 260M EUR monthly transfer volume

Personal web panel and mobile application

Quick and easy access to your money.

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Segregated account

Clients’ funds are kept on segregated accounts and are separated from Bilderlings own funds accounts. This means that clients’ funds are not used in company’s turnover.

3D Secure

Additional security layer for online card transactions.

Two factors of security

Two-factor authentication for secure login to Bilderlings platform.

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Register, upload documents and in minutes you will have an account with an individual IBAN.

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